Bantwal: Car, Weapons Used in Attempt on Life of Murder Accused Seized

Bantwal: An attempt was made on the life of Haneef aka Mada Haneef, who had been accused in the murder of Rifai in Maripalla near Farangipet some time ago, in the same village on Dec 9.

Maripalla has witnessed a series of revenge killings as part of a gang-war between two groups, Haneef was hacked so brutally. The culprits are said to have escaped presuming that he would die. But he was taken to a private hospital in Mangaluru. His condition is said to be out of danger now.

The rural police from here have seized a car used in the act. The gang, consisting of five persons, after assaulting Haneef, are said to have escaped in an Alto car towards B C Road. The car was found abandoned near a workshop at Ganadapadpu nearby.

When the car had remained parked for a long time, it raised suspicion, The locals are said to have informed the police. Two swords used in the attack were found in the car. The murder attempt is thought to have been made for personal revenge.

The crime trail:

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