Bantwal: Distressed Person Roaming around Admitted to Hospital by Do-gooder Youngsters

Bantwal: In these times, when many youngsters get into bad company, ultimately landing in crime world or disruptive activities, it is really refreshing to see a few doing socially beneficent work.

A person aged about 30 years, apparently with a disturbed state of mind, was roaming around in Vittal for the past few days. His tattered dress was proof that he had nobody to care for. But he seemed harmless and did not create any harm or nuisance to anybody.

At different times, he was spotted at Kodapadavu, Salettur, Kadambu, Veerakamba and Vittal over the days. Yet no one could identify him nor could trace his kin.

Feeling pity for him, a group of youngsters called Saravu Friends, led by Naushad and Ziad, took the initiative to rehabilitate him. On Friday, he was found sleeping under a culvert in Talittanooji in Kolnad village. When the youngsters offered money, he declined to accept them.

Finally, they all cleaned him up and shifted him to Government Wenlock hospital in Mangaluru for better care and attention. Their good deed has been widely appreciated.

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