Bantwal: Man from Vittal Padnur with Crime History Arrested under Goonda Act

Bantwal: Sadiq (26), hailing from Kadambu in Vittal Padnur in the taluk, has been arrested under the provisions of the Karnataka Prevention of Dangerous Activities of Bootleggers, Drug Offenders, Gamblers, Goondas, Immoral Traffic Offenders and Slum-Grabbers Act, 1985, – commonly referred to as the Goonda Act.

Known also by his aliases Hasan Sadiq and ‘Blade’ Sadiq lived in a rented house in Vittal town. He owns a lorry and drove it himself.

He, in association with a few others, was allegedly involved in many cases of rioting and assault in Vittal, Vittal Padnur and Vittal Mudnur and other illegal activities. He is already facing several cases filed against him.

He has also been accused of helping the defendants in murder attempt and assault cases by striking deals between two sides. The police said that on each occasion of getting arrested and bailed out, he used to carry on with his criminal activities.

He has been arrested on charges of disrupting public peace and harmony, under instructions from the district magistrate.

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