Bantwal: Mentally Disturbed Person Creates Ruckus at Yakshagana by Flashing Axe

Bantwal: A good number of Yakshagana enthusiasts who had gathered on the grounds of SVS School in Panemangaluru to enjoy a ‘bayalata’ show on Friday night got a rude shock.

A person appearing to be mentally disturbed suddenly got on to the dais and created a scene, which was not part of the script.

Most among the audience ran out for safety. The police were informed. When they arrived, he appeared to be getting more aggressive and began waving the axe all around.

Some local youngsters managed to overpower him and took him to a safe distance.

He was identified as Yogish Kulal of Matha in B Mooda village near here. The Sevanjali Trust from Farangipet has made arrangements to get him admitted to a hospital for suitable treatment.

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