Bantwal: Young Couple Found Behaving ‘Suspiciously’  by Public, Handed over to Police

Bantwal: A young man and a woman, who were strangers to the place, were found moving around a deserted place at a hillock in Billamapadavu near Vittal on Sunday by nearby residents on Sunday.

They had reportedly arrived in an autorickshaw from Vittal. As they walked towards the hillock, their behaviour was found suspicious by those around. The Vittal police were informed and they took the duo into custody for inquiry.

They were identified as Rajesh from Tumkur and the 22-year-old woman hails from Amai in Kasaragod. Rajesh told the police that he had borrowed Rs 5,000 from her and that he had come to return Rs 2,000 out of it. That was the purpose of their meeting at a secret place, he told them.

The man works near Vittal  and was regularly in touch with the woman on mobile phone. He also told the police that he was in love with her and intended to get married to her.

They were taken to the police station and written statements were obtained from them. The young woman was sent back with her parents.

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