Beauty of nature


""Name: Olivia Saldanha
Date of Birth: 24th January 2001
Place of Residence: Abu Dhabi 
Name of Father: Vinod Felix Saldanha 
Name of Mother: Sunita Saldanha
Name of Sister: Pearl Saldanha
School: St. Joseph’s School  Abu Dhabi  2nd.  grade


Olivia loves singing, music (learning keyboard), drawing, painting and she is learning Karate.  She is currently holding a green belt having cleared yellow belt. She joined  Karate classes  because she feels that it improves the concentration level, helps to  think positively and makes a person very confident.  She also feels that girls need to learn martial art as this can help them in self defence when they grow up!!



My name is Olivia. I am in Second grade, studying at  St. Josephs School Abu Dhabi.  I like to admire the beauty of nature and everything that surrounds me.   I had gone on a long road drive (four times) to  Muscat, Oman to spend holidays with my cousins.   My parents plan adventures and fun outings during public holidays.  We have been to Hatta, Lulu island, Ain al fayda and Al Ain zoo.  I admired the camels, the date trees, the dunes, the desert animals, the gulf heritage, the quad bikes and the sun set.   I have painted these pictures here, reflecting my experience of the desert life with little bit of imagination.  Hope you like them.