Beckham’s son wants as many tattoos as dad

London, Sep 13 (IANS) Former footballer David Beckham’s son Brooklyn is planning to get as many tattoos as his father has.

The 16-year-old model is already considering his first piece of “meaningful” body art, and thinks he will eventually end up covered in inkings, much like his father, reports

“I want to start with something meaningful, but eventually I’ll probably end up looking like my dad. Dr. Woo is my favourite tattooist, from Shamrock in Los Angeles,” Brooklyn told Miss Vogue magazine.

David is famed for having changed his hairstyle many times over the years, and it’s no wonder that Brooklyn believes a “good haircut” is the key to looking good.

“I exfoliate, clean and moisturise and shave when I need to. I use Go 24-7 (on my hair) but good styling always starts with a good haircut.”

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