Begin To Be Now What You Will Be Hereafter

“Catch them young” is a popular phrase. When one?s shoulders are unformed, and the body is supple, and the mind is not filled with pre-conceived notions, one can move forward and achieve his goals. The earlier the seeds are sown the better it is. What one wants to be must be crystal clear and then the dreams have to be worked upon.
Once a man who was passing by a farm, saw an eagle in the farmer?s chicken coop. Surprised, he asked the farmer what an eagle was doing amidst the chickens. The farmer told him how he had found the egg of an eagle and raised it along with the chickens. The man observed the eagle and noticed that it did everything the chickens did, for he thought of himself too, as a chicken. So, the man decided to experiment with the bird. He took it outside the farm, gave the reluctant bird a push, and said, ?fly?. The bird fell to the ground. After a few more tries, the man took the bird to the edge of a cliff and said, ?You were born to soar. It is better that you die here today on the rocks below, than live the rest of your life as a chicken.? Having said this, he lifted the eagle again, and said, ?fly?. The eagle opened its wings and flew high up into the sky.
The author of this inspiring fable is unknown, but it sets a strong moral that we should never let another person define our worth. Each of us carry within ourselves unimaginable potential. All of us have dreams. Achievement lies in the mind of a person. By possessing self-confidence and through sheer determination we can discover our aim in life, and just like the eagle soar high up into the sky.
A task regardless of its kind has to be attended to with devotion, determination and dedication.  Success follows a person who takes a decision early in life about what he or she wants to be. By starting now on what we want to be in future, we can become something we once dreamt to be. Apt to this is a quote by the great Indian poet Kabir, who said, ?The work you want to do tomorrow, do it today, and the work you want to do today, do it just now?.

Author: Athena Aranha