Beijing to build UNESCO centre for sustainable development

Beijing, Dec 14 (IANS) China’s capital Beijing is set to build a UNESCO international centre for creativity and sustainable development, the first of its kind, an official said on Monday.

The centre, which will be officially launched next year, will include establishment of a global creativity bank and a network for creativity, culture and sustainable development, said Yan Aoshuang, head of the Beijing Science and Technology Commission.

The centre will also promote Chinese business startups and innovation, Xinhua news agency reported.

Francesco Bandarin, assistant director-general for culture with UNESCO – UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation, said at a seminar on Sunday that the centre will promote cultural and creative industries and the global flow of cultural products and services.

In November, the 38th session of the UNESCO General Conference approved the centre in Beijing.

Beijing began listing the cultural and creative industries as development priorities in 2006.

In October this year, the city selected four centres that will receive state support to showcase best practices in the industries, which now account for 13 percent of the capital’s economy.

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