Beijing public restrooms to become ‘fifth space’

Beijing, Oct 12 (IANS) Restrooms in Beijing are set to become the “fifth space” besides the family, work, leisure and cyber space in China, a media report said on Monday.

According to Beijing Environmental Sanitation Engineering Group, the restrooms will be a multi-functional public space, which will have wi-fi coverage, ATM, charging devices for mobile phones and electric vehicles, the People’s Daily reported.

Basic physical examination items, such as measurement of blood pressure, heart rate and urine analysis, can also be done in the restrooms, an official from the group said.

The restrooms will also provide special service to seniors, the disabled and the blind, as well as parents with babies, he said.

In order to guarantee the sanitation of “the fifth space”, Beijing Environmental Sanitation Engineering Group will issue a new construction and service standard for the public restroom in November.

With advanced automatic cleaning equipment, the smell and sanitation condition of the restroom will be greatly improved, the official added.

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