Belagavi: Worried Lovers Commit Suicide – Repenting Parents Conduct Marriage at Funeral!

Belagavi: Two young persons hailing from the district, aged 25 and 18, loved each other over the past year and a half. They kept requesting their parents to get them married early.

Perhaps the parents of both of them thought that time was not ripe as yet and did not respond favourably. The lovers mistook this for their reluctance and opposition.


If only the parents had given their consent in time, two young lives could have been saved. Perhaps they did not expect their children to take such a drastic step.

Both Malagowda Patil (25) of Islamapur in Hukkeri taluk and Sangeeta Sadashiva Talukar (18) of Lakshminagar in Vadagavi were daily wage-earners. They were deeply concerned that their wish to get married would never be fulfilled because of parental apathy or even opposition.

Therefore they decided to be united in death and ended their lives by hanging themselves in a lodging house near Kakati on Monday morning.

After coming to know about the tragedy, their parents realized their folly and discussed the matter with the village seniors. It was finally decided to hold all the marriage rituals before their funeral, including exchange of betel leaves and nuts and sprinkling of rice on the couple.

Late in the night, their bodies were placed on a single funeral pyre and consigned to flames in the Sadashivanagar crematorium.

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