Bella Hadid transforms into Wonder Woman

Los Angeles, Dec 17 (IANS) Model Bella Hadid channeled her inner Wonder Woman as she shared on her Instagram account a photograph of herself wearing a red tube top with a cape and a pair of blue underwear.

Bella’s transformation is a part of Love Magazine’s 32-day Advent calendar. For day 15, model Gigi Hadid’s younger sister stars in a vintage superhero video directed by Doug Inglish, reports

The video starts with Bella sitting on a sofa as she files her nails. She suddenly stands up and spins her body to find an appropriate superhero outfit.

She appears in a series of costumes, from yellow polka dot blouse and a pencil skirt to a lingerie.

When she gets her Wonder Woman costume, the 19-year-old model walks out the room to follow her imagination.

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