Bellevision Bahrain Celebrates ‘Egg’stra Special Easter

Bellevision Bahrain Celebrates ‘Egg’stra Special Easter

Bahrain: The resurrection of Christ was celebrated by Bellevision Bahrain at the Papillon Party Hall on 30th April 2019, with the usual vigor and enthusiasm that the members exude in all their celebrations.

The event began with the registration of the members at the registration desk, which was efficiently handled by the charming Rashmi Fernandes and Pramila Martis. Our very own talented Bellevision kids, Sophie and Shanelle, cordially welcomed all present with their cheerful demeanor and soared up the anticipation of those gathered with the fun and entertainment that was to unfold as the day progressed. Arun and Alfreeda Castelino together with Alisha Quadros led everyone into prayer, invoking God’s everlasting help to live in the gladness and grace of Easter Sunday every day.

In order to make an occasion remarkable, the cake is the first thing that counts. The excom together cut the Easter cake to mark the special occasion. BV Bahrain president Arun Fernandes, in his presidential speech, highlighted the significance of Easter in our lives and thanked everyone for their presence on the auspicious occasion.

The entertainment in charge for the night was the charismatic Nirmala Fernandes, who encouraged active participation among the audience. She had in her kitty, games for all- men women and children alike and lucky winners walked away with prizes. The artistic talents among the children were given a boost when they were required to decorate large thermocol Easter eggs in two groups. The final outcome was simply amazing; creativity and team spirit among the children was evident. Smaller kids were given Easter themed outlines to colour. Children were made to rack their brains on the tricky hints that were given to them and look for Easter eggs cleverly hidden in the hall. All the kids excitedly participated in the Easter egg hunt. The popular housie, conducted by the quick-witted Ivan D’souza, kept everyone busy trying their luck!

What would life be without the beautiful and cheerful smiles of our little ones! The entire celebration was lit up by these when the Easter goody bags and presents were distributed among the BV kids. Beautifully wrapped Yummy chocolate Easter Eggs added to the children’s delight.

BV Bahrain bade farewell and showered their blessings and wishes on two of their members’ children, Evan Fernandes and Shanelle Mendonca, who were soon to be leaving Bahrain to pursue further studies in India. They were presented with a beautiful memento by BV President Arun Fernandes.

DJ Alwyn created a rhythmic mix with an array of musical numbers which kept up the melodious atmosphere.

To reminisce these beautiful moments, the entire event was captured on camera by Ronnie Fernandes.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Vice President, Rony Pinto, who very meticulously and in detail, on behalf of the excom, expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all who extended their whole-hearted support for the success of the Easter celebration.

It was indeed an ostentatious celebration where the entire Bellevision family together commemorated one of our most revered festivals – Easter when Christ freed us from the slavery of sin and opened the gates to the true Promised Land of Heaven.

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By Niloufer Quadros
Pics by Ronnie Fernandes