Beltangady: 9-year-old Boy Injured as Toy Mobile Phone Bursts in Machina House

Beltangady: Many parents, in order to keep their children happy, provide them with cheap imported electronic toys, the China-made ones in most cases, without being aware of the potential hazards.

While there have been quite many instances here and there of mobile handsets exploding while being kept for charging, a case of a toy mobile phone bursting has been reported from Devaragundi in Machina village in the taluk.

Gurukiran (9), son of Giriyappa, had bought a toy mobile phone from a roadside vendor in a fair recently. When he was operating it on Wednesday, Dec 23, it burst with a loud noise.

A finger of the left hand and his left eye were severely injured. The blast was so powerful that plastic splinters also hit the boy in multiple spots causing injuries.

After being given first aid in a hospiital here, he was taken to Mangaluru for further treatment.

The police checked the toy phone and found that it was powered by a mercury battery which was used wrist-watches. They have cautioned parents in general to take precautions before allowing their children to use substandard electronic items.

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