Beltangady: Demand for Separate Tulunadu State to be Launched on Nov 1

Beltangady: Shailesh R J, president of the central committee of Tulunadu Okkoota, said at a media meet here that the people of Tulunadu were getting a raw deal in every field. The Tulu-speaking territories torn between Karnataka and Kerala needed to be united and a new state called Tulunadu had to be formed, he said.

With a view to launching a campaign for a separate state, the flag of Tulunadu would be hoisted on Nov 1, which is incidentally the Kannada Rajyotsava day.

He pointed out that on the one hand, Tulu was yet to be included in the VIII schedule of the Constitution. On the other, the Netravati river, the lifeline of the people of the district, faced extinction by way of diversion. Besides, the industries and projects set up in the district had hardly benefited the local populace.

Hence there the demand for a separate state had become inevitable in order to save the local culture, land and water. If a separate state is created, the language would get a recognition by itself.

The day the Tulunadu was separated, November 1, has hence been selected to hoist the flag of Tulunadu, said Shailesh. The function will be held in the Ambedkar Bhavan here.

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  1. Beltangady: Demand for Separate Tulunadu State to be Launched on Nov 1.

    The people of Kasaragodu must support the move for Tulunadu. For, Karnaraka has made KASARADODU A SACRIFICIAL GOAT for having the Maharaasstrian Belgam for itself at the cost of Kasaragod people. The only salvation for Kasaragod people is formation of Tulunad.

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