Beltangady: Giant Balloon Lands on Kalmanja House Creating Brief Intrigue and Anxiety

Beltangady: A giant balloon, resembling a parachute, was found having landed on a house belonging to Subba Malekudiya in Madmalkatte near Satyanapalke of Kalmanja village in the taluk on Thursday morning.

Confusion, scare and anxiety prevailed for some time in the area. Crowds gathered out of curiosity. The balloon had a 20-metre strand with a small equipment at the end.

Having heard about parcel bombs being placed in public places, the residents around were, quite understandably, were in a state of fear. Since there were markings of Chinese origin, many thought it could be a drone-like spying equipment.

The police were called from the Beltangady station. They confirmed that it was a harmless, weather-monitoring balloon. Such balloons are flown to the air to send back signals of weather, wind movement and speed and also atmospheric conditions.

It was seized by the police for onward despatch to competent authorities for verification

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  1. If this balloon should have dropped on high speed National Highway in front of moving Express Bus loaded with passengers,tragedy could have happened with many deaths. Then weather department could have predicted the weather for the Funeral Ceremony. How they can send such a huge balloon uncontrolled. This shows how stupid educated are. Police and Security Authorities should shoot these balloons before they create harm

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