Beltangady: Well, Well! Another Leopard Stranded 30 Feet Down Rescued at Kudyadi

Beltangady: Wild animals are frequently in the news with their visits to human habitats in the undivided DK district.

A day after a leopard was rescued from a well in Kundapur taluk, a similar incident has been reported from Kudyadi here.

While in search of food and having strayed out the forest, a big cat reportedly fell into a 30-foot-deep drinking water well belonging to Ramesh Moolya of Nochanadi in Kudyadi near Aladangadi on Friday night.

It was spotted by the family members when they came to the well to fetch water the next morning. The forest personnel were informed. They arrived at the spot. In the prevailing circumstances, they lowered a huge log of tree into the well and let the leopard come up.

It immediately escaped into the forest. But the villagers were not happy with the idea. Several pet dogs from houses have gone missing in the recent past. They have no doubt about the leopard being responsible for it.

They are annoyed that the animal was let off into escape into the forest instead of a zoo or wildlife sanctuary. They are worried that having literally tasted blood, it is sure to return to create problems to humans and animals.

In the land of leopards:


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