Beltangady: Woman Jumps into Pond with Two Children – All Three Die

Beltangady: Sunanda (40), wife of Srinivasa Malekudiya of Totadamoole in Kumbra of Puttur taluk, jumped with her two children Bharat (9) and Bhuvit (6) into a pond in Noojilakki of Belalu village on Sunday.


Hailing from Totadamoole, she had been given into marriage to Srinivasa over a decade ago. For convenience of children’s education, she lived at her parental house with the sons over the past three years. Srinivasa works as a mason and visits the house once a month.

On Sunday, Sunanda went to the farm with the children and did not return for long. Alarmed by it, the family members went in search of her. When toys the children played with were found by side, a search was made in the pond. Three bodies were found in water.

Sunanda reportedly suffered from some problem in the uterus and was under treatment. Since the problem troubled her for long, she is said to have been depressed over it. This is thought to have led her to take the harsh decision. She may not have wanted her children to live without their mother, thus causing a burden to others, said family sources.

The Beltangady police have registered a case.

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