Bengaluru: Actor, Director Roopa Iyer Bags Mahatma Gandhi Samman from UK

Bengaluru: Award-winning actor and director Roopa Iyer is also a dancer, choreographer, model, business executive, humanitarian, philanthropist and a philosopher – all rolled into one.


When not being busy with the above activities, she finds the time to write a weekly column ‘Modern Adhyaatma’ in a Kannada newspaper.

Now she is among 20 achievers from diverse fields and different countries who have been chosen to receive the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Samman award of the United Kingdom this year. It is in recognition of her having created awareness over children’s education.

The awards will be presented to the 20 recipients in the House of Lords auditorium of the British parliament on September 21.

Roopa has made over 50 short films on children’s rights, prominent among them being ‘Baalyavivaaha’, ‘MakkaLa Melina Daurjanya’, ‘Parityakta MakkaLa ShikshaNa’ and ‘MakkaLeke Shaalege Hoguttilla?’.

Among the numerous recognitions she has won in the past include Young Leader Award – Vivekananda V-Lead (2011), NaaTya Kalaabhinetri – Brain Centre (2011), Indian Achiever – Gold Medal (2010 in the UK), Glory of India – Gold Medal (2010), Non-resident Indian “Pravasi” Award from the British High Commissioner (2008), Adarsha Ratna (2006), Natya Saraswati (2006), Padma Kalaashri (2004), Indira Priyadarshini (1999) and Bangalore Supermodel (1999).

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    • It’s time I go and buy a book on her philosophy!! Time to move on from Seneca, Thomas Paine to this lady and learn something new! LOL

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