Bengaluru: Cracker Effect – Eyesight of 88 Affected, Some May be Permanently Blind

Bengaluru: In spite of so much of caution being spread through the media, it is really sad that care is not taken while bursting crackers. People ending up with affected eyesight or losing it permanently appears to be an annual ritual.

In view of the projected damp weather, it was being thought that cracker sale would be dull and that there would be less mishaps. But 88 cases of eye injury have been reported in the city. This is not restricted to children alone. They belong to all age groups, from children to seniors.

While in most cases, the victims have suffered because of their own act. But there are also those who were hit by rockets and other projectiles fired by others.

Three children have very severe injury in their eyes and they may become permanently blind, said doctors.

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