Bengaluru: Fake Passport Lands Bangladeshi National in Soup

Bengaluru: In a bid to earn his daily bread a Bangladeshi national had managed to acquire a fake Indian passport. This however has landed him in soup. Thirty-year old Rahman Lashkar had managed to give a slip to the immigration authorities at the Kempegowda International Airport. Seven hours later he was arrested by the police near Yeshwantpur.

According to sources, Lashkar had arrived from Kuwait at 3 am on a fake Indian passport on 8 December. The immigration authorities had asked him to wait while they verified the authenticity of his passport. An immigration official said, “Around the same time, a few other flights had landed. Seeing an opportunity in the rush of passengers, Lashkar mingled with the crowd and escaped from the airport. ”The officials immediately alerted the police, who launched the manhunt and managed to nab the accused at Yeshwantpur. A senior official in the immigration department said, “He was missing for a few hours after which we caught him. We are looking at CCTV footage in the airport to see how he managed to escape.”

It was later confirmed by the immigration department that the passport was fake. During interrogation Lashkar confessed having used an Indian passport to travel to Kuwait, from where he was returning back.

In the statement given to police, Lashkar said that he had travelled to Dubai on a Bangladeshi passport. When he tried to go to Kuwait, he was told that it would be easier for him to find a job if he was an Indian. He managed to get hold of an Indian passport through some agents in Dubai, he said.

In Kuwait, Lashkar worked as a shepherd for an Arab. He was later fired when he contracted Hepatitis B. Although when they tried to deport him back, he had managed to escape and started working for another Arab. He was caught 14 months later and deported back to India.

He arrived in India on Tuesday morning, where at KIA it was found that his passport was not authentic. Police believe that his plan was to escape to Bangladesh by crossing the border via West Bengal.

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