Bengaluru: It’s a Record! Lokayukta Hits Century in Number of Days of Leave

Bengaluru: Cricketers hitting centuries and double centuries could make a good headline material. But a highly-placed government official has created a record of sorts by hitting a century in his leave record.

Perhaps for the first time in the history of ombudman system in the country, Karnataka Lokayukta Y Bhasker Rao entered the 100th day of his long leave this week. Lokayukta sources said that no specific reason has been proffered by him to justify his action.

He had gone on leave ever since his son Ashwin Rao and his associates were arrested on charges of extortion in the name of Lokayukta.

Although the political parties made a big noise seeking his resignation for some time, they appear to be busy with fresher issues. Even the public are slowly forgetting the whole matter.

Sources also said that law is not clear about what action could be taken against a person staying away from office for so long. At the time of framing the law, such a situation might not have been envisaged.

But the common man is the overall sufferer. It is said that over 2,000 cases have been gathering dust ever since he has gone on leave.

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  1. The callous attitude of Karnataka ombudsman reflects the Karnataka Governments weakness towards its Bureaucrats. They say Olagina guttu shivane balla. Is he holding a trump card that State Government is sitting like Mahatma Gandhis three Monkeys. They see not, hear not and say not.

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