Bengaluru: Last date to file objections to proposed helmet rule

Bengaluru (TH): The State government, which had called for objections against a notification making helmets compulsory for pillion riders across the State, will take a call on the rule after October 18.

Sunday was the last day for submission of objections for the introduction of the rule within city corporation limits.

The next deadline, for submission of objections for introduction of the rule for the rest of the State, is on October 18 after which the decision will be taken, officials from the Transport Department said.


Besides objections, the department is also inviting suggestions on the implementation of the rule. Helmets for pillion riders has long been advocated by road safety experts as well as the traffic police, but does not have popular support among riders as it entails carrying two helmets on vehicles.

However, the rule is slowly being made mandatory in other cities.

When the rule was introduced in Chennai in July this year, helmet sales saw a huge jump and riders even travelled all the way to Bengaluru to buy helmets.
The Transport Department has set October 18 as the deadline


  1. I could not like to wear a helmet as pillion rider as it is not necessary. How can my mother of 75 years wear a helmet? The weight of the helmet is more on her head to bear.

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