Bengaluru: Neglect of Tulu May Make People Turn to Kerala Govt, Cautions Author

Bengaluru: There has been a deep-rooted feeling among the Tulu-speaking people, wherever they may be based, that the elected representatives and leaders of the region lacked the political will to pursue a persistent campaign to secure an official status to the language.

In terms of the number of people speaking Tulu, which is part of the elite club of five – the ‘Pancha Dravida’ languages – the language rightly deserves an entry into the VIII schedule of the Constitution of India.

Yet, excepting for some resolutions passed at Tulu conventions and demands made in speeches here and there, no steady efforts are being made in the direction.

On the other hand, the Kerala government has facilitated setting up a Tulu Academy on its soil. The Dravidian University in Kuppam of Andhra has taken the initiative of setting up a chair for Tulu studies.

Kerala’s MLAs have delivered speeches in their state assembly in the past. A similar kind of will-power or dedication seems to be missing in proper Tulunad.

This sentiment was echoed at a convention of the coastal people called ‘KadalataDiya samaagama’ in Bengaluru. The convention was organized by the Buntara Sangha in their auditorium in Vijayanagar.

Tulu author Uday Dharmasthala urged the state government to take earnest steps to get Tulu recognized at the national level. He cautioned that if the government failed in this respect, the Tuluvas would be looking up to the Kerala government in awe and admiration.

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