Bengaluru: Techie Gokul Arrested for Threatening to Blow up Haj-bound Planes in ISIS’ Name

Bengaluru: M G Gokul (35), a software engineer employed in an IT firm in the city and residing in HSR Layout, has been arrested by the police.


He has been accused of sending hoax WhatsApp messages in the name of ISIS to GMR call centre in Gurgaon and the Kempegowda international airport, with threats to blow up aircraft carrying Haj-bound pilgrims and others.

Between 0115 and 0530 in the early hours of Friday, Sep 4, the Bengaluru airport received these messages. Total alert was imposed in and around it.

The sender had threatened that the Islamic State (ISIS) would target the pilgrims travelling by Air France and Jeddah. Secondly, said the message, the Lufthansa flight to Germany also would be blown up.

The message had more ominous content saying, “ISIS will destroy India. Stop it if possible. Be ready to see the fireworks in the sky. Three bombs placed in the cargo sector of the Bengaluru airport will detonate at 0300 hours. Not a single person from our organization can be caught by you. But at least try to find the bombs placed there.”

As there were about 350 Haj-bound passengers waiting to board a plane via Delhi, no chance was taken. A thorough check was done in the airport and the planes concerned all night through.

After investigations proved it to be a hoax message, flights were cleared for takeoff.

Based on the caller ID display, Gokul was traced and was arrested. Sources said that he had an issue with a neighbour and his wife.

Somehow he got a SIM card in the neighbour’s name and sent messages through it, which made the police to get at the neighbour. But Gokul could not escape the law in the final count.

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  1. Some people simply don’t know the difference between free speech and threat. This guy is an example. What he did was a clear threat. If you incite violence by making threats, you need to face the consequence.

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