Bengaluru: Thieves Rob House After Spraying Woman With Pepper Spray

Bengaluru: Three thieves entered a house by using fake set of keys in Malleshwaram with the common intention of burgling the house on December 19.

According to the sources, Nagalakshmi Sampath (50) was inside the kitchen when the incident happened. Her husband, Sampath Kumar (55) owns a hardware store and lived with his wife and domestic help, Mahesh on the 6th cross, Malleshwaram. He had gone to the market with Mahesh when the incident happened.

Nagalakshmi came out of the kitchen when she noticed the noise in the drawing room at 2:30 pm and came face to face with the thieves. In a hurry they said that the domestic help, had met with an accident when she enquired they sprayed pepper spray on her and tied her limbs.

According to the police, the trio was speaking in English and two of them were searching for valuables and while one was standing outside as a guard. When Sampath returned with Mahesh, they noticed a man standing outside the house who alerted the two who were inside and the trio fled with some cash and valuables.

Sampath alerted the Hoysala police station, who immediately began tracking the thieves till Malleshwaram railway station. “The gang gave us the slip at Malleswaram railway station,” said a senior police officer.

A traumatized Nagalakshmi was taken to a hospital. No serious injuries were suffered by her.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (North), T R Suresh said, “The gang had gained entry with the help of a duplicate key. We suspect the role of an insider.” The police are questioning Mahesh.

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