Bengaluru: Traffic Cop Suspended for Taking Bribe

Bengaluru: For breaking a traffic rule you will end up paying fine. The amount of fine you pay can increase to tenfold if you are ignorant of the fine amount you have to pay.

According to a complaint, Amruth was travelling from Banashankari to Rajajinagar on 5 December when he was stopped by a traffic police near Good Shed Road. It is alleged that PSI Anjanappa had taken a bribe of Rs 1100 in the pretext of fining him for having a shrill horn.

The accused PSI is sub-inspector attached to the Chikpet traffic police station and has been suspended based on the complaint. After paying the fine, “He refused to provide a bill. He told me to collect it from the police station on Monday. On reaching home, I learnt that the fine for a shrill horn is Rs. 100. I would like to know why Rs.1,000 extra was collected from me and also why the bill was not given to me,” Amruth said in his complaint.

After the complaint went viral on social media, Anjanappa called Amruth and asked him to collect Rs 1000 from the police station. At the same time, a policeman was sent to Amruth’s house to seize his vehicle.

Based on the complaint, Girish S, DCP Traffic West has suspended PSI Anjanappa for misbehaving with the complainant.

So next time you are caught for a traffic offence make sure you are handed a genuine receipt or simply make sure you don’t break any traffic rules.

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