Bengaluru: Vocalist Alaka from Subrahmanya to Perform in Hong Kong with ‘Bhrame’ Band

Bengaluru: Alaka Subrahmanya, hailing from Subrahmanya in Dakshina Kannada district, who has already carved a niche for herself in the world of Indian music and classical dance, is leaving for Hong Kong, the Harbour of Fragrance.
Ever versatile – In concentration or in concert 
Alaka is the daughter of Govindkumar and Indumati couple from the Shri Kukke temple town.
She, along with four other friends, has recently launched a music band called ‘Bhrame’, branding themselves ‘Musical Illusionists’.

​Bhrame – the Youngistan band
The motto of the band is to spread the splendour of all types of genres of Indian music. ‘Bhrame’ has different shades of meaning. Besides illusion, it also means travel. The band intends to take the listeners on a voyage of illusion.
It is scheduled to perform at the Rajyotsava celebrations being organized by the Kannada Sangha in Hong Kong.
Their group consists of Alaka Subramanya, a dance faculty in an institution, Sandeep Ravikumar, owner of Electric Lime Technology engaged in lighting industry, Sparsha R K, a playback singer in Kannada music industry, Vikas Vasistha, a music director in Kannada film industry and Vishwas Vasishta, a software engineer.
Speaking from Bangalore, Alaka, busy as she was packing up for the travel, promised to tell more about her musical ventures after her return.

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