Best Games for the Fitness Freak

Best Games for the Fitness Freak

Ever wondered why you feel so euphoric after a good workout? Or paused during your hour-long gaming binge to think about why you haven’t moved from your spot? Gaming and exercise have a common variable when it comes to human response; your brain reward system. Everyone has a built-in upload dispenser in their brains that controls pain and dotes out rewards, not to mention a plethora of other important functions.

The rewards come in the form of endorphins are commonly linked to moments of euphoria. The most common instance for most people is the endorphin rush (a positive spike in your mood) from a good workout. The typical cycle is challenge, motivation and then reward. Typically; the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. Questions to ask with these types of games are; what impact does the game have? And is there a real-life tangible reward? This is also how betting comes into play as the high you feel after a win, is in credit to your reward system that provides a surge through of these endorphins as compensation for your high level of stress. Gambling allows you to receive a physical reward for your troubles which further increases your feel-good hormones. Whereas for some people, instead of a challenge, some easy fun is the way to go. This is especially true if they lead high-stress lives and need some downtime to shut down for a while. These types of games find simple ways to please, surprise and hook players. In these cases, the pleasure lies in the discovery.

Whether you are looking for a challenge or something to focus on for a while as you unwind after a long day at work, you should consider online gaming, where you can easily search for the relevant games that suit your needs. Then with each one, you can try the game online and through the process of elimination, find one which is best suited for you. The feeling of achievement which a game or workout triggers the release of endorphins in the brain, which make the person feel better about themselves.

As all actions have consequences, this high risk, high reward tendencies can lead to addictive behavior. Please be sure to gamble responsibly. The euphoric moods achieved during a winning streak are great, but they are not worth betting it all in order to obtain. Think about the costs to benefits ratio your actions have. Besides the endorphins, what are the other possible rewards your actions grant you? For instance, with exercise, you gain confidence and improve your overall health.

Endorphins are not only confidence boosters, they are also mood relaxers. Work hard, play hard has never been more accurate than with reference to your brain’s reward system. Push yourself to the limit and reap the euphoric mood uplifters. For those truly invested in keeping fit and workout regularly, since they are used to upping the ante and pushing their limits, they are best suited to high risk; high reward gaming.