Bhatkal: Legendary scholar, Principal of Jamia Islamia, Moulana Abdul Bari Nadwi passes away

Bhatkal:  Legendary Islamic scholar of Bhatkal and principal of Jamia Islamia Moulana Abdul Bari Nadwi,  passed away on Wednesday afternoon at around 4:30 PM in Mangaluru. He was 54 and was bed ridden since last few months.

moulana -abdul bari -nadwi -17-02-2016

He was an accomplished orator and loved by one and all. His demise has brought tears in the eyes of all who knew him. Even at his last breath he would ask about the details of the Masjid. Though he was ill, his death has shocked everyone. As a mark of condolence the town of Bhatkal with immense grief has been shut down.

Moulana’s funeral will be held at the Jamia Masjid at 10:00 am on 18th February. He has been an Imam for more than 35 years.

His name is very well known in the coastal belt of Karnataka. He rose steadily as an orator, Imam and khateeb in the Jamia Masjid, Bhatkal where he served for the last 35 years. In 1983, Moulana joined Jamia Islamia Bhatkal, the biggest Islamic school of the Shaafi Madhab in South India.

Under his leadership, Jamia Islamia became one of the best Islamic institutions in the country. Moulana was deeply revered by the youth of Bhatkal too, who considered him a highly resourceful and great teacher. Holiday was declared in all educational institutions in Bhatkal and shops were shut down.

Organisations Jamaatul Muslimeen Bhatkal, Khaleefa Jamaatul Muslimeen,Majlise Islah Wa Tanzeem, Anjuman Hami-e-Muslimeen, Jamia Islamia and otherNGOs of Bhatkal and Bhatkal NRI Organ

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