Bhatkal town PSI Revati resigns after suspension

Bhatkal Town PSI Revati resigns after suspension

Bhatkal: Police sub-inspector Revati of Bhatkal town police station resigned on Sunday, August 28 on charges of dereliction of duty.


According to the Uttara Kannada Superintendent of Police C Vamshi Krishna he had suspended her on Saturday and she resigned when the suspension order was being issued to her in Bhatkal on Sunday. She submitted her resignation to the Circle Inspector of Police of Bhatkal.

Mohsin, a businessman from Bhatkal, had directly complained to the Director-General and Inspector-General Police in Bengaluru a fortnight ago that six persons were harassing him, issuing life threats and were demanding a ‘hafta’ of Rs 20 lakh.


The complaint was referred to Krishna who in turn referred it to the Bhatkal town police station with instructions to register the complaint as it was a serious issue.  But instead of registering the case, the sub-inspector allegedly called the complainant to the station, threatened him and asked Mohsin to compromise with the accused. She kept the compliant with her for about a week without registering it.

The Assistant Superintendent of Police, Bhatkal sub-division, who learnt about this, registered a case against six persons. Of them, two have been arrested and four are at large.

Later, the ASP sent a report to Krishna pointing out the dereliction of duty of the sub-inspector. She was suspended based on the ASP’s report. In her resignation letter Revati has mentioned of harassment by a senior official, sources said.

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