Bieber slammed for wearing a Metallica t-shirt

Los Angeles, June 21 (IANS) Singer Justin Bieber has been slammed by heavy metal fans for wearing a Metallica t-shirt.

The 21-year-old, who for many is the undisputed prince of pop, found himself blasted by fans of the band when he shared a snap on Instagram, reports

In the photo, the singer is donning a wide-brimmed black hat teamed with an oversized black Metallica top.

His fashion choice evidently rubbed a lot of people the wrong way as they mocked the hitmaker for his attire.

One user wrote: “Take that shirt off you don’t deserve it.”

While another added: “U r a disgrace to metallica.”

Someone else stated: “I love Metallica and I hate Justin Bieber.”

Bieber is no stranger to online abuse, with his “Baby” music video topping the list of most disliked YouTube clips of all time.

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