Bison Attacks and Injures Farmer in Devachalla – Caution Called for

Sullia: Bisons – Indian gaur, called kaaTi in local languages – were being found in places close to the forests all over the district until about fifty years ago.

However, with steady deforestation and also poaching over the years, their number has dwindled. Very rarely they are being sighted by humans these days, although they are believed to be quiet a few number in the reserve forests.


Occasionally, reports of damage by the bisons are being heard from parts of the districts, besides from Kodagu and Chikkamagaluru.

A bison made a sudden, surprise appearance in the farm of Narayana Gowda on Monday. It suddenly attacked him while he had been there on routine maintenance work.

Injured in his forehead, hands, chest and other places, he has been admitted to a hospital in Sullia.

The forest personnel have cautioned the public to be watchful, at the same time reminding them that by nature the bisons are harmless.

Only when they feel insecure or threatened, they tend to attack in kind of self-defence. If found from a close distance, the safest way is to quietly move off their sight without making any noise, they have said.

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