BJP leader asks police to beat up Trinamool workers

Kolkata,  (IANS) A senior BJP leader on Thursday called upon lower-ranked police personnel to start beating up Trinamool Congress workers and leaders who indulge in attacks and commit crimes in West Bengal.

Participating in a law violation programme organised by the Bharatiya Janata Party, its state unit president Rahul Sinha flayed the poor law and order situation and lack of security of the people.

“A state where people don’t have security, even police are not safe. Police helplessly get beaten up. Ordinary police personnel call me up and say ‘Rahul da, we can’t stand this any longer. Please do something’.”

“I tell them ‘What can we do? You start, we are there. Start beating up Trinamool people’,” Sinha said addressing BJP workers in the law violation programme.

He then exhorted lower level police personnel to resort to strong-arm tactics against Trinamool workers.

“I urge lower level police functionaries, start beating up those in the Trinamool who attack you or indulge in crimes,” he said.

Sinha’s comments were flayed by the civil society.

Former vice chancellor Ananda Deb Mukhopadhyay of Vidyasagar University said no political leader of integrity would make such comments. “It is a crime to say such things.”

Painter Samir Aich said the state’s political leaders have lost their mental balance.

“These people have no right to be in politics. Rather, they should be sent to nursery schools,” said Aich.

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