BJP Supremo Amit Shah Inaugurates ‘Freedom 70’, Participates in Tiranga Yatra

BJP Supremo Amit Shah Inaugurates ‘Freedom 70’, Participates in Tiranga Yatra

Mangaluru: The President of the Bharatiya Janata Party Amit Shah inaugurated “Freedom 70”, by planting a sapling in front of the BJP office here on August 21.

Amit Shah reached Mangaluru Central railway station by train at 4:30am. BJP leaders accorded a warm welcome to Amit Shah at the Railway Station. Later he proceeded to the Circuit House.


After planting the sapling in front of the BJP office at PVS, he met the BJP leaders in the BJP office. The next stop was at the Mahaveer circle, Pumpwell. There he installed the Indian National flag to the decorated vehicle which depicted Rani Abbakka.

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Later Amit Shah inaugurated the Tiranga Yatra (bike rally) accompanying MP Nalin Kumar on the bike strictly following the traffic rules.

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MP Nalin Kumar Kateel requested the party workers to strictly follow traffic rules and wear helmets.

Former CM’s Yeddyurappa, D V Sadananda Gowda, C T Ravi and others took part in the bike rally.

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