BK Hariprasad backs Ramya’s statement over RSS

BK Hariprasad backs Ramya’s statement over RSS

Udupi: Rajyasabha Member and AICC Secretary BK Hariprasad backed Actor-turned-politician Ramya’s statement against the BJP and the RSS, about their role in the struggle for Independence.


He was speaking after visiting Kenjur Praveen Poojary’s House on September 3. Praveen Poojary was killed by Hindu Jagarana Vedike members in Kenjur.

He further said, “I agree Ramya is young, but her statement is not false. Whatever she has commented about BJP and the RSS, about their role in the struggle for Independence is true. A B Vajpayee who was in the RSS during Independence struggle wrote a letter to British that RSS will not participate in the country’s Independence. The BJP Party came into existence in 1952 then how BJP can join in the struggle for Independence. After wearing Black Hat on the head and holding a Stick in the hand no one will become freedom fighters. Those who hate other religions, how can they become freedom fighters?”, he questioned.

Those of the Sangh Parivar are always killing innocent youth from the backward community by brainwashing them. Leaders who give inciting speeches are always safe, they send innocent youth to jail. We should create awareness among the youth of the backward community, he added.

When reporters asked about Janardhan Poojary continuously attacking the congress government. He said, “Janardhan Poojary is a senior person in our party. He has served as president, Union minister in the party. I don’t want to comment on him”.

Earlier Hariprasad visited Praveen Poojary’s house and consoled the family members. Hariprasad handed over Rs One lakh to Praveen Poojary’s mother and also gave Rs 10,000 to the injured Akshay Devadigas’s family.

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