Bleating News! Two Families ‘Fight’ as Goat eats neighbour’s ‘Wheat’?

Mangaluru: Why did the goat trespassed into neighbour’s compound? Because it wanted to eat some wheat kept there for drying. But unfortunately the goat’s silly act got two neighbours exchanging blows, which resulted in cops rushing to the spot to bring the situation under control. This is what happened according to reports from Surathkal police station.


The incident happened at Katipalla near Surathkal, about 16 kms from Mangaluru. It is learnt that the fight started when a goat belonged to one particular community wandered into neighbour’s compound and ate the wheat which was kept in the yard for drying. This resulted in heated exchange of words between the two families.

Although this incident took place on Saturday, 29 January, but again on Monday, 1 February both the families got into fight. But this time both the families with the help of extra force of men got into fist fight with each other, which got the attention of the Surathkal police who immediately rushed to the spot to bring the situation under control. Not sure, if the police have filed any cases against the men involved in the fight, but in the meantime the culprit (goat) remains innocent until found guilty??

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