Brazil prison rioters take inmates as hostages

Brasilia, Oct 7 (IANS) Rioting prisoners in Brazil took other inmates as hostages, demanding better conditions at their overcrowded facility, a media report said.

At least 10 inmates serving time for sexual assaults were seized by about 1,000 rioting prisoners in Londrina State Prison in Parana state on Tuesday, Xinhua reported, citing Brazil’s G1 news website.

The rioters took the hostages, with their hands tied, to the prison rooftop and threatened to throw them off if the rioters’ demands were not met, the report added.

“According to the prisoners, they aren’t being correctly treated at the facility. They want the director changed,” said police Captain Mark Tordoro.

The prison unit is designed to house 928 inmates, but currently holds 1,140, the state penal authority said.

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