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Feb 06, 2016

Vidushi Purnima Chaudhuri: Exponent of Classical Music

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By Dr K.B. Mallya, Canada [ Published Date: November 25, 2005 ]

Poornima Chaudhuri on stage

A Hindustani Sangeet Mandal of Ottawa Presentation 
Vidhushi Purnima Chaudhuri accompanied by Subhajyoti Guha on Tabla, Pandit Ramesh Misra on Sarangi and Chumki on Tanpura enthralled the music lovers of Ottawa in general and Hindustan music lovers in particular on November 19, 2005. Much awaited concert kept the audience spellbound and keeping to the beat of the music.
Vidhushi Purnima Chaudhuri is an exponent of  'Thumri' style of North Indian Music.  Initially cited as a 'raga' rather than a genre, 'thumri' is widely accepted to have started in the 19th century court of Wajid Ali Shah. Changes in the social climate led to the development of two styles of 'thumri': one under the tutelage of the landlords of Lucknow, and the other in Banaras and Gaya. The lively beat of the Lucknow 'thumri' soon lost its recognition to the 'chota kayal',  on the other hand, Banaras 'thumri'  gradually developed into an art form.

Poornima Chaudhuri performing

Purnima Chaudhuri trained in Banaras under the guidance Mahadev Prasad Mishra and is recipient of neumerous prestigious awards both in India as well as abroad. She has also lectured in USA and Europe. She has frequently appeared on Indian Radio and Television and has recorded several tapes and CD's to her credit.

Pandit Ramesh Misra

Pandit Ramesh Misra is a perfect example of dedication, depth and maturity. He is a phenomenon in the field of Indian Classical Music scene. He is a master of one of the most difficult stringed instrument to play- the Sarangi-  Presently Ramesh is being guided by none other than the Great Sitar Maestro Pandit Ravi Shankar. To his credit Ramesh has also scored music for several Indian cinema.

Pandit Ramesh Misra on Sarangi

Subhajyoti Guha is a young, highly talented tabla player from Kolkata and belongs to one of the new genres of tabla exponents. He was introduced to music at age 5 by his father. He has won several awards including that of President's award from All India Radio.

Subhajyoti Guha on Tabla

The concert hall was packed to capacity with music lovers coming from even distant parts of Canada. At the end the players received a standing ovation and applause for a very long time.

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Anu Gupta, USA :
oh come-on Doc!!! I came to check your new carving. but wow I didnt know you liked Hindustani Classical Music! Neat write up and wonderful photos too! You know what? You have made me a regular visitor to this site now!! :)
Zeena J Noronha, Oman:

Thatz a nice introduction of classical music artists!
Shaly Pereira, Oman:
Very proud to read of our Indian music making waves in Ottawa. Thatís the magic of our music. Never fails to make an impression. Good report and beautiful photos Doc.
mel tau, Oman:
Thanks Doc for the report and the beautiful pics. I'm sure it must have been an enjoyable evening for all you Indian classical music lovers.
Darryl Albuquerque, India :
Thanks for this report and pictures too, Baab. First, Wilfy in Toronto and how this in Ottawa. Shall I say, 'Wah Baab Wah'?
Austin Prabhu, USA :
"Vidushi Purnima Chaudhuri: Exponent of Classical Music" - Good article and wonderful photographs Doc Mallya. Keep up your good work.
Maria Misra, India :
Doc Mallya: I am amazed at your varied interests! Your style of writing shows your acumen in this field too. I love music of all kinds and to know you have time to attend these functions is a boon to us readers. Love your contributions.Keep it up and hope we readers will be endowed with many more articles on varied subjects from you...
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