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Feb 07, 2016

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The Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy

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[ Published Date: August 31, 2007 ]

Name: Ronak Pereira
Date of Birth: 29/05/92
Father’s Name: Joseph Pereira
Mother Name: Violet Pereira
Native Place: Mangalore, Karnataka
School: St. Theresa’s School, (I.C.S.E. Board), Mangalore
Hi, my name is Ronak. I’m a Class X student studying at St. Theresa’s School, Mangalore. My hobbies are playing football and cricket.  When I get free time  I scribble on papers. My mom encourages me a lot in everything I do.

When I was in VIth standard I began writing inverse. One day, my granny bought a bottle of 7-UP for the guests to serve. On that bottle I found some words printed inversely and I tried to read it. At the beginning I failed to read, but I did not stop my efforts. Suddenly I thought of keeping it in front of the mirror and I succeeded in reading it right! I tried to write inverse after reading that slogan. Now I can write 13 to 15 words per minute in 3 languages, i.e. English, Hindi and Kannada.

Here is my poem titled "The Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy" in a mirror image as well as in  normal text, I hope you will enjoy reading inversely!!

The Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy

A place from here far in the North,
While writing a page,
Had caught my thought.

‘Tis now a place, of great historical grace,
For many a Indian’s, were
Killed in the freedom’s chase.

‘Twas then that General Dyer,
Had issued a proclamation,
To prohibit the gatherings and procession.

So laid together, the Indian
People a protest; that had
Put the Rulers wisdom to the test.

But had no heart, the history books said,
For the people by one voice,
Were laid to death.

Their deathbed, now a place,
Which has received historical grace,
For many Indian’s, hath died in this one place.


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Ronak , India :
Dear Ronak,
Very innovative and very creative.Well done Ronak. Your poetry and your mirror writing , both are wonderful.
All the best for your future.
farhat, India :
Dear Ronak,
Very innovative and very creative.Well done Ronak. Your poetry and your mirror writing , both are wonderful.
All the best for your future.
Manju Singh, India :
This article is very interesting and I liked it very much. Who so ever has written this. I wish him\her all the best for his life and career.
Keep it up!
Nelson Lewis, Bahrain :
Dear Mr. Ronak Pereira,

I read your poetry titled, "The Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy" and it is well written. You have the makings of a poet and I urge you to develop this in-born talents that you have and write books on poetry.

Sadly, I would have liked to develop these skills. However, I am not cut out for it and just concentrate on writing, wherever I can.

I am glad to know that you like to play football and cricket. Football is a truly an international sport that is played the length and breadth of this globe and could be considered as a poor man's sport. It is very, very popular and Pele is to football, what Sir Don Bradman is to cricket.

I wish you all the best and success in your endevours.

Nelson Lewis
Vikas Puthran, India :
Very creative. I like the way you think. Good luck and best wishes.
Ananth Joisa, India :

At your age, Be it "mirror writing/ur hand writing/ or poetry skills!!"- all r amazing!! which will certainly put u in good stead in future dates!!.. keep going!! My best wishes

Dots Rego, USA :
Wow!!! Mirror image and that too in three different languages??!! Way to go Ronak!! Keep shining in all the fields.

By the way, that is a great poem on Jallianwala bagh!!

God Bless!!
Shaly Pereira, Oman:
Good job Ronak.....loads of talent there. Wish you all the best.
Vissia D'Souza, USA :
Wonderful work Ronak. I remember your paintings on this site a little while ago. Have you tried mirroring pictures just for fun?

You are very talented. Keep up the interest growing high in every direction. My husband who is your dad's 'Chaddi dost' said you look like a Mini replica of your dad Joseph. Violet, good job in nurturing your kid's multi-faceted talents.
kulamarva balakrishna, Austria :
That was Ronak in 1919. There were no langoti monkies then in human form in India. All castes and religions, faiths were one human, Indians. Today langoti monkies unleash terror on any pretext and when authorities try to give relief to the victims, they hinder it by declaring strikes/bandhs. Even today, when these langoti monkies decide to smuggle humans they work together in brotherliness without identifying themselves as Hindus or Muslims.

All the best for your literary career, Ronak.

=taravadu taranga trust for media monitoring= (tttmm)

-kulamarva balakrishna
Rajanikanth Shenoy, India :
Nice work, Ronak. You seem to have many talents down the cap!

All the best!
Austin Prabhu, USA :
Hey Ronak,

you have an excellent talent in inverse writing and also in writing like you mom Violet. Keep up the good work, wish you all the best in your future endeavors.
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