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Jan 26, 2015
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Hasir Moiden, India: [ RE: Mangaluru: Children are Fragile Handle them with Care - Fr Gomes During PTA meet ] Reply to Hasir Moiden, India Jan 26, 2015
It Was Very Intresting Programmr By Milagres High School :) Proud To Be A Milagrian
Nelson Lewis, India: [ RE: shAikh moHd Rizwan, Turkey ] Reply to Nelson Lewis, India Jan 26, 2015
"Sir,You have lived and served in this country for long time. Perhaps you may assumption that US, Lesotho, Liechtenstein are the great friendly countries," by Shaikh Mohd.

Dear Sir,

Certainly, these countries are a million times better than Saudi Arabia. All you have to do is obey the laws and respect it. Further, I am confident that the laws in these countries are anyway Draconian, as is the case in Saudi Arabia.

If you are enamoured about Saudi Arabia, may I suggest that you leave Turkey and take up employment in Saudi Arabia. Certainly, this is the country having the holiest places of Islam. You can pray any number of times, there will be no distractions for you.

You say that there are many Indians living and working in Saudi Arabia. You ask them whether they are happy and they will turn around and say, "Well, who wants to live in this country, but what opportunities do we have. We have to work here, because we are earning money and have family commitments. Secondly, if we get good jobs outside Saudi Arabia, we will resign and go away."

These are the plain facts my friend.

Saudi Arabia is only suitable for people who go to work, come home, eat and sleep. This country is not meant for creative people, because there is no freedom of expression and everything is a taboo.

Nelson Lewis, India: [ RE: Ashoka Chakra for two fallen bravehearts on Republic Day ] Reply to Nelson Lewis, India Jan 26, 2015
Today, during the 66th Republic Day functions beamed on all Indian television channels, I saw the widows of Major Mukund Varadarajan and Naik Neeraj Kumar Singh receiving the highest civilian awards, namely Ashok Chakra and the certificates from the President, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee. In spite of being wounded, they displayed great bravery in killing these dreaded terrorists before they took their last breath.

I salute these martyrs, who are true heroes for me. I hope the Ministry of Defence takes care of these widows
Hilda Saldanha, China: [ RE: Ohio, USA: Bradly D'Souza nominated by The National Society of Leadership and Success ] Reply to Hilda Saldanha, China Jan 26, 2015
Congrats Bradly. All the Best for the future.

Hilda, Johnny, Steven & Bryan.
Ram Shetty, India: [ RE: There Is Simply No Other Plane In The World Like Air Force One ] Reply to Ram Shetty, India Jan 26, 2015
Even God may not be having this much luxury, safety and security. God must be envying this Aircraft.
Peter Crasto, India: [ RE: Ohio, USA: Bradly D'Souza nominated by The National Society of Leadership and Success ] Reply to Peter Crasto, India Jan 26, 2015
Cheers my son on your chronic success. You will be an international personality. Thanks to for exhibiting true talents.
Vall, India: [ RE: Ohio, USA: Bradly D'Souza nominated by The National Society of Leadership and Success ] Reply to Vall, India Jan 26, 2015
Bradly way to are and will be a living STAR...keep you my boy.
Andrew L D Cunha, India: [ RE: Mangaluru: Alert! Autos May Stay off Roads Indefinitely from Jan 27 Midnight ] Reply to Andrew L D Cunha, India Jan 26, 2015
I agree with Auto drivers. Only cost of fuel does not determine the overall savings. Food and gas prices are down, restaurants are not reducing. Let auto drivers save little bit more during this period. Please don't put a label on auto drivers that they are rude. They are very important part of our transport system working day and night. Allow them to save little bit more. Consumers are very generous in restaurants why not to poor auto drivers?
Henry pinto, Canada: [ RE: Ohio, USA: Bradly D'Souza nominated by The National Society of Leadership and Success ] Reply to Henry pinto, Canada Jan 26, 2015
Bradly you made India, USA and World Proud. God Bless you.
Roy, India: [ RE: Horny Manatee, India ] Reply to Roy, India Jan 26, 2015

America you described which existed in the 18th century is quite different from what exists today. This is what visiting French philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville said of then America-

1. America is beautiful bcoz America is good. America ceases to be beautiful when she ceases to be good.

2. The greatness of America lies not in being more enlightened than any other nation, but rather in her ability to repair her faults.

The above two quotes aptly sum up what is then known America. The modern day America.. I am not so sure. More later.

Max and Jessie Rasquinha, USA: [ RE: Ohio, USA: Bradly D'Souza nominated by The National Society of Leadership and Success ] Reply to Max and Jessie Rasquinha, USA Jan 26, 2015
Congratulations, Bradley, for your success in Leadership that will now enable you to avail of many other credentials including new job opportunities.

You are already a gifted Leader at this prime youth and you will shine ever more as you move along with your daily life.

Our best wishes to you today and always, and may God be with you in everything you do, that will bring pride and joy to your family, and also your country
Praveen, India: [ RE: B. Dinesh, USA ] Reply to Praveen, India Jan 26, 2015
What we forget is the technology the US DoD has given to the whole world (not just US!). From 4-wheel drive, Jeeps, zipper, velcro, the computer, COBOL .... - Mr. B. Dinesh

Pl. do not forget other 'contributions' such as the ISIS, Al Qaeda etc.
Drona, India: [ RE: Mangaluru: Traffic Anarchy in Focus as Mid-road Parking by Woman Driver Gets Penalized ] Reply to Drona, India Jan 26, 2015
Rita Bai, please write on the traffic system in Germany. I have seen it in Berlin. I must admit it is really nice. I would love to visit that place again.
Drona, India: [ RE: Praveen, India ] Reply to Drona, India Jan 26, 2015
Has the issue of 'liability'/'indemnity' in the event of a catastrophe been adequately addressed in the Nuclear deal with the USA?


Good question.

Japan has closed all the 48 reactors there. India has 21 reactors. China has 22. South Korea also has nuclear reactors. I am not sure how many are there in Korea.

Nuclear safety is a concern US has all over the world. Nuclear policing is the big plan of US government as they believe the modern day uncouth guys from the troubled countries will use it as a weapon.I am convinced that all measures would have been put in place to ensure the safety.
Alwyn, Canada: [ RE: Obama arrives in India, PM Modi receives him ] Reply to Alwyn, Canada Jan 26, 2015
Obama cannot bring peace to anyone. USA during his time has not made any progress. Many innocent people on this earth died just with his ignorance in Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Egypt and many still die in the hands of terrorist for no reasons. So please Obama has not done anything other than silently watching people die in the hands of terrorist. Good leaders donot do that and good leaders use the leadership role to act. Modi and Obama both are made for each other. Thanks
Original R.Pai, USA: [ RE: Mangaluru: Kalladka Bhat and Togadia always Deliver Inciting Speeches - PFI ] Reply to Original R.Pai, USA Jan 26, 2015
The Popular Front India is just a code word for 'Peaceful' Front in India!! Who are they fooling? Also, it doesn't take much to offend these guys. A simple cartoon can lead to massive protests and massacre of a dozen journalists!!

@ Rita - How is Germanistaan doing? Are you reading news lately or still stuck in your old mindset of sanathana-hatred? Don't worry - Indian society will always protect minorities. You may stop aping your masters and look at real threat. Again, try reading some news if you can!!
Original R.Pai, USA: [ RE: JLN, India ] Reply to Original R.Pai, USA Jan 26, 2015
"These two folks have nothing in common except their hatred for Congress and Gandhi family in particular" - says some unknown 'JLN'

Dear JLN,
You don't sound intelligent with your silly post. You seem to be just another 'spit and run' personality who probably has no courage to stay back and debate issues!! smiles...

A quick search on this forum would have shown you how I have criticized all parties including BJP for the corruption. On the other hand, I have supported honest people irrespective of their party affiliation. Well, How about this for a starting point - try some intellectual honesty and avoid more embarrassment! smiles..
Original R.Pai, USA: [ RE: Actress Nataliya Kozhenova's love for India and America friendship ] Reply to Original R.Pai, USA Jan 26, 2015
The comments posted by sharia shaikh reflects his disrespect towards women. I can only blame his 7th century .... as it strongly promotes those medieval values. Also, he goes a step further to attack Sri Modiji.

Well, in Sharia Pandita's ideal place (tribal kingdom of Saudi), these actions would have resulted in thousand lashes or capital punishment. After all, this is the culture that doesn't even tolerate a simple Cartoon. Finally Western society seems to be waking up to the real threat.
Original R.Pai, USA: [ RE: It's 'chai pe charcha' at Hyderabad House ] Reply to Original R.Pai, USA Jan 26, 2015
Once again, all the haters should continue with your 'ajeerna' medication. Please add strong pain killers to survive the daily dosage of 'kapaala moksha' coming in the form of media reports!!! It wasn't too long ago, these haters were bragging about the declined US visa as one of their major victories. Now to see Doddanna drinking Chai with Sri Modiji - priceless!! Sweet!!! smiles...
vas, New Zealand: [ RE: Obama arrives in India, PM Modi receives him ] Reply to vas, New Zealand Jan 26, 2015
Congrats Modi. This meeting is important for development of India.
B. Dinesh, USA: [ RE: Mangaluru: Concreting of Bunts' Hostel Road - Need to be Dead Serious about Deadlines ] Reply to B. Dinesh, USA Jan 26, 2015
What Dr. Harischandra wrote is absolutely true! The public have never held the politicians and administrators responsible! An independent Road Commission should be created instead of the PWD and they should not be under the purview or influence of any politician. They should then be held responsible. The current method of tenders and assignments are just a hog wash - underneath all these things is corruption at every level. Private contractors should be given extra money for each day they complete ahead of agreed upon schedule. They should also provide 20-30 year warranty.
B. Dinesh, USA: [ RE: There Is Simply No Other Plane In The World Like Air Force One ] Reply to B. Dinesh, USA Jan 26, 2015
Extremely well narrated and articulated report by Alfie. Yes, I too am a naturalized citizen and proud of my president and the country. I am also glad that Mr. Modi has struck a good relationship with the president and the US. Both countries are bound to benefit form the deals they sign.

One does not have to look at Obama's race nor how he got elected during the start of the recession. He has delivered beyond expectations - US unemployment is lower than when he took office. He saved many corporations including General Motors, which for the first time in 2 decades has gained market share. It is again bringing out world class products including the new Chevrolet BOLT - an electric car that runs 200 miles per charge! The US budget deficit has been shrinking and US exports are at an all time high. Us is for the first time in its history self sufficient in energy (oil and gas)! The US is projecting a shortfall of 1 million engineers by 2025 - good opportunity for many in India. All these things did not happen because Obama got elected and that he was a black man! Let us not forget that he was a Constitutional Law Professor at University of Chicago and he was a US Senator. He was educated at Harvard! Let us also not forget that he was the one who gave the order to go into Pakistan and kill Osama bin Ladin! Obama also set the tone as to when US will intervene and when it will not - when it comes to foreign policy.

As to the might of US military ad technology - most people only look at the Dollars spent by US Dept. of Defense (DoD). What we forget is the technology the US DoD has given to the whole world (not just US!). From 4-wheel drive, Jeeps, zipper, velcro, the computer, COBOL and ADA programming languages, the internet, the GPS system, the satellite communication system, drones, and the list goes on....Air Force One is just another one on the list! There is no dollar value that we can put on the computer and the GPS! Many new surgical procedures and medicine are tested by US military in field hospitals during the wars! These then make way into civilian hospitals. The day when ships run on sea water is not far off as the US navy is experimenting with this technology. One has to just see what Defense Advance Research Project Agency (DARPA) of US DoD is experimenting with!

India and US just agreed to the new nuclear power deal - this should help India significantly to improve the power shortage issue. Indians in America have not just come here for the sake of coming and making money! They work as hard as Americans (we do not have maids or servants) - many Indians who came in the 70\'s and 80\'s are highly accomplished and at least have been awarded Nobel prize! Several have become CEOs and we all contributed to this society. More recent immigrants are also contributing and will come up in their own way. The second generation Indians like Preet Bharara and Bobby Jindal are very successful people at national level.

There is no doubt that this is a land of opportunity even to this date - but some may not like the speedy lifestyle and the American culture. Ultimately, it is what we want and what we choose to live with!
A. S. Mathew, USA: [ RE: Jaipur: Dismiss Jaitley to recover black money: Ram Jethmalanai ] Reply to A. S. Mathew, USA Jan 26, 2015
Black money will be the biggest joke in India, a reaffirmation of the political bluffing.

The black money holders know that they are black money holders, they are white criminals not terrorists; so exposing the names to the public will not create a national crisis. This is quite a terrible turn of events. It seems like, there is something going on secretly to rescue some of them as innocent people, or transferring the money to different hands so the black money amount can be drastically reduced for some heavy weights. Out of the $ 18 trillion dollars in black money stated by OXFARM, the highest is from India, so thousands of crores of Rs is in the black money listing.
linda, India: [ RE: Mangaluru: Cable TV to Homes at Rs 100 a Month is Minister Roshan Baig's Ambitious Plan ] Reply to linda, India Jan 25, 2015
we should have few free channel and cable operator shuld charge no more than 100 and no deposit, this cable operator are looting people should be stopped
Horny Manatee, India: [ RE: There Is Simply No Other Plane In The World Like Air Force One ] Reply to Horny Manatee, India Jan 25, 2015
Roy, India - Top notch analysis.

Talking about the promised "Utopian land", America was a noble idea when it was founded in the 18th century. You work hard, take risk and keep the rewards. It encouraged entrepreneurs, embraced contributors from the rest of the world and that’s how America became one of the most developed nations on earth. But the present United States has ruined it with its Statist and Socialist inclination. Now those who have taken risk and become billionaires (the so-called “rich”) have become the public enemies and that’s where the current administration is targeting for theft while not doing anything seriously enough about those evil bankers who have contributed to the financial decline of the country. Our dud dude in the White House is a staunch Marxist. While a section of the population is still continuing to contribute to the best of their ability (especially in the field of Science), the majority of the American population is turning into socialists, thinking that, though undeserving, they have a right to somebody else's wealth. The government machinery has kowtowed to this ideology in the last 50 years. The successive governments have brought in legislation after legislation to safeguard and guarantee this slow motion theft. Under the guise of democracy the electorate has been blindly voting for their Robin Hoods.

By virtue of its position as the Reserve Currency issuer, US has been abusing its power and printing money out of thin air to fund its deficit -to fund its populist projects. That cannot go on forever. At some point, in order to balance its books, the government will be forced to stop printing and will begin to extract more from those who are already paying in too much tax. This is how Rome fell and the barbarians took over. Rome in its heyday was at its pinnacle of achievements but then the State ruined it just like what’s happening in the US today. The productive people could no longer take on the tax burden and started to leave big cities looking for simple livelihood elsewhere. The soldiers turned into thugs looting from their own people when their pensions were not paid. You can already see this in action in the US. Some part of the police pensions are now funded through Civil Asset Forfeiture act where in a person holding more than certain amount of dollars is presumed/declared to be a drug- peddler/terrorist and that confiscated money is used for funding police pensions with no due legal procedure. If someone wants to challenge this through court, then the legal expenses will make it effectively pointless. This will only get worse as we head into the next 5 years. The amount of unfunded liabilities the American government has on its books (both State and Federal) can never ever be paid through any conceivable, justifiable means. This is where the state-sponsored confiscation under all complex legal frameworks will come into play. The ordinary citizen has been too ignorant thus far. When they realise it, it will be too late.

Currently any American who withdraws more than $3000 in one transaction is automatically informed to the IRS and they will create a “file” on them. People cannot even have access to their own money anymore. This will become interesting at the stage where the next banking crisis will leave Americans having no access to their own money from the bank. May be then people will realise what’s really happening. The “confiscatory system” with appropriate legal frame work has already been put in place.

Some people on this forum appear to boast, though politely, about holding American passport (dual nationality etc.), especially those who no longer live in the US. This will prove to be a massive albatross around their t......les in the future. On top of that, the US government is making it more and more difficult for people to relinquish American citizenship. Just see how much the application fee has risen in the last few years. Theoretically they can jack up this fee even to a Million dollar if they wanted to (just to make it difficult for people to leave) and you will not get to have a say and the majority of the “patriotic” Americans will not say a word against it. IRS will start hounding every single penny from the Americans whether they live in the US or abroad – just read about some of the ordeals from overseas Americans, mainly those holding both Canadian and US citizenships, the people who never even spent a single day inside the US still being harassed by the IRS just because they hold American passport. Americans abroad have to go through hell just in order to open a bank account (especially in Europe now) because the recent FATCA laws threaten the overseas banks while dealing with Americans.

Americans, when they proudly claim that they belong to the Land of the Free, they really should give a deep thought and ask themselves whether they really buy this bullshit any longer or has it become just another glib cliché? The only personal freedom in my view people really have (so far) in the US is when it comes to adults living like animals if they choose to.
Radika, Oman: [ RE: Mangaluru: Alert! Autos May Stay off Roads Indefinitely from Jan 27 Midnight ] Reply to Radika, Oman Jan 25, 2015
people should stop using auto thay also very rude, should punish
Rita, Germany: [ RE: Mangaluru: Traffic Anarchy in Focus as Mid-road Parking by Woman Driver Gets Penalized ] Reply to Rita, Germany Jan 25, 2015
Everybody complains , everybody does parking where he wants, Too many vehicles on road. The main Problem is not yet solved. Our muncipal has not yet realized that they have not yet that needed park places are alloted. So many vendoors, shoppers, and People are using today more vehicles for Shopping as previously. very narrow roads, no traffic rules are observed from many. There is one Thing can be done. Roads should be one way, and when one parks wrong and traffic is affected car should be elevated and park elsewhere , tyres locked. The owner should pay heavy Penalty and take car from Police . He will not do again. Important a good park place should be in the first place with park coins can be a Moment solution till further steps taken. Not enough to complain but handle.
Rita , Germany: [ RE: Bantwal: Stones Pelted at Prayer-house in Soorikumer - Police Prevent Untoward Aftermath ] Reply to Rita , Germany Jan 25, 2015
It is horrible,day by day living in India, or Mangalore, is becoming very hard. It was previously we lived with harmony, with all our different Religion People. but at present cant think of it. Instead of becoming better, is worst. why do we not are able to improve ourselves. why should we pelt Stones to other Religion houses. why dont we understand same Stones can come back to our own? A bit of education also could help. Let us not throw Stones to other house when you sit in a glass house, as the old saying. Hope they will find out who was the culprits and punish them and make them pay for it.
Joe D'Souza, India: [ RE: Mangaluru: Traffic Anarchy in Focus as Mid-road Parking by Woman Driver Gets Penalized ] Reply to Joe D'Souza, India Jan 25, 2015
Hello James Fernandes. Good suggestion from you. We have this system in USA. There the People have smart mentality. Here in Mangalore or in whole of India, if one community keeps watch and catches someone from different Community----next thing will be Riot or March in Protest or violent demonstrations. In Mangalore(Kodial)our birth city, almost everyday there is protest march through city roads or Sit down strike in front of DC office.
Decent People are fed up.
Driving has become question of life and death to all, from just born Baby to 99 year old Person. NRI's should write last Will and take Life Insurance before coming to Mangalore. We will meet again.
Henry James, India: [ RE: Actress Nataliya Kozhenova's love for India and America friendship ] Reply to Henry James, India Jan 25, 2015
Reminds me of those David Attenborough's wildlife documentaries on NGC. Some of those animals would do anything just to get on the television.
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