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Jul 28, 2014
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joe Gonsalves, India : [ RE: Udupi: Bishop Dr J S Sadananda Inaugurates CSI Boys Boarding home -'Snehalaya' ] Reply to joe Gonsalves, India Jul 28, 2014
Indeed The contribution of Christian missionaries to society in Health and Education sector has been tremendous.

The best gift one can give another is the wonderful gift of education and this is what we have received from the hands of the christian missionaries of sacred memory.

I am happy to see Rev. Dr. Sadanand taking active interest in all the important events. During his tenure he has rendered yeomen service to the people - YOUNG AND THE OLD and it will be a great loss to the community when he lays down his office as a Bishop withing the next couple of months.

Joe Gonsalves
joe Gonsalves, India : [ RE: Puttur: New Daytime Bangalore-Mangalore Train Kudla Express to Chug off Soon ] Reply to joe Gonsalves, India Jul 28, 2014
Kudos to you Honorable Minister Sadanand on your idea to have a day train between Mangalore and Bangalore. You will indeed be doing great service not only to Dakshina Kannada but also to Kerala.

Hope the train you have in mind will have chair cars ordinary as well as air-conditioned.

Joe Gonsalves
essell, India: [ RE: Udupi: All-India sub-junior Ranking Badminton Tournament Concludes ] Reply to essell, India Jul 28, 2014
Not only infrastructure our sports persons need support and sponsorship to participate in higher and international events.
BN Pai, Advocate, Kumbla., India: [ RE: K.P.RAI, India ] Reply to BN Pai, Advocate, Kumbla., India Jul 28, 2014
K.P.RAI, India:[RE: Mangalore: Lest We Forget Kargil! Army Veteran I N Rai Wants You To Join Indian Armed Forces]
Jul 28, 2014.

Dear K.P.RAI, India,

RE: "Brig I. N RAI. Hats off to you." - K.P.RAI, India.

I am proud of him. He is pride of Ichlampai, KUMBLA. Indeed, of my Kumbla.

nitin vas, UAE: [ RE: Goa: Read My Lips? I was Referring to 'Hindu culture' and Not 'Hindu Religion' - Dy CM Francis D'Souza ] Reply to nitin vas, UAE Jul 28, 2014
for staying in power you can change anything anytime any where because we the people who have voted you are fools.........
geeta v kalyanpur, India: [ RE: Mangalore: 'Aatidonji Dina' - Devadigara Sangha Celebrates Monsoon Tradition ] Reply to geeta v kalyanpur, India Jul 28, 2014
awesome,excellent news coverage.
Robin, Byndoor, India: [ RE: Mumbai: Letter to Mumbai Police Threatens 'Revenge' for Gaza Attacks ] Reply to Robin, Byndoor, India Jul 28, 2014
Ha... Ha... Ha....

Where is Gaza ? Where is Mumbai ?

Is Gaza strip is controlled/Patrolled by Mumbai Police ?

Oh Global Citizens.... Please educate these Mujahideens...
KELWYN, UAE: [ RE: Mangalore: Cranes-Earthmovers Roaming Freely on Busy Roads Pose Threat to Motorists ] Reply to KELWYN, UAE Jul 28, 2014
KELWYN, UAE: [ RE: Mangalore: Pandeshwar Police Re-arrest Lecturer in 'Slapping Cops on Duty' case ] Reply to KELWYN, UAE Jul 28, 2014
K.P.RAI, India: [ RE: Mangalore: Lest We Forget Kargil! Army Veteran I N Rai Wants You To Join Indian Armed Forces ] Reply to K.P.RAI, India Jul 28, 2014
Brig I.N RAI IS THE PROUD SON OF BUNTS COMMUNITY, D.K, KARNATAKA, AND INDIA.We have lot to lean from him as model for our society. I wish some one who can narrate his autobiography pls write and publish in detail which would be a great guide to our youngsters to follow.
As a family member we all love him for the humility and concern he has to all our family members and for the society more than the great achievement country see him as Brig I. N RAI. Hats off to you.
Sir Lancelot, India: [ RE: Mumbai: Letter to Mumbai Police Threatens 'Revenge' for Gaza Attacks ] Reply to Sir Lancelot, India Jul 28, 2014
loox like hidden communal minds hand???? because state election coming near.
Drona, India: [ RE: Alfred J. Rebello, India ] Reply to Drona, India Jul 28, 2014
She is an Indian by birth irrespective to whom she marries.

Alfred Rebello

Gospel truth from the gossip factory.Read Siva's interesting analysis on this matter and then give your opinion if you have any.
Roy, India: [ RE: Ministers dreaming of Hindu nation have no place in India ] Reply to Roy, India Jul 28, 2014
Elected Indian officials who want to make India a Hindu nation ought to resign for taking the oath to uphold the constitution under false pretences. They are attacking the very basis of the modern Indian republic which rests on the national consensus reached in Constituent Assembly debates.
Max and Jessie Rasquinha, USA: [ RE: Mangalore: 'Aatidonji Dina' - Devadigara Sangha Celebrates Monsoon Tradition ] Reply to Max and Jessie Rasquinha, USA Jul 28, 2014
Congratulations to the Karnataka State Devadigara Sangha for inaugurating a Day of celebration of their Seasonal rituals with prayers, dancers, traditional dresses plus the display of colorful Benares sarees in order to demonstrate their cultural as well as religious traditions at their facilities at Mannagudda, Mangalore.

What a nice way to gather together, predominantly by the women plus also a handful of men including Dr. Devaraj from the SDM College. It is indeed noteworthy to watch that Social activists such as Sharmila Harish Shrighar and many others have given so much of thought and effort to share their culture, their heritage, and most importantly their willingness to display their tastes on variety of food, music and entertainment and enrich their social values that will promote the communal unity. What a joy indeed to witness the glory of a community in our home town.

Variety of food items specifically detailed such as \"Pathrade, Thojakuda Ambade, Pelakaida Gatti, Nurgelkeda Ambade, Pelakaida Payasa, Pelakaida Garige, Tejank da Upkari, Huruli Chutney, Tonjankda Chsttambade, Chilimbidaade, Menthne Ganj, Pundi, Timarer Chutney, Huruli Vsggarante, Metheda Payasa, Muruvai Pundi, Bendeda Ghasi, Pundi Ghasi, Patholi, Moode, Gstti, Puttu, Kottige\", and others. These are all names that ring the bell in our ears after nearly 60 years of our leaving Mangaluuru.

What a joy to realize that the past values of traditions and customs are still adhered to thru lot of efforts and plans. Keep up the good work, and let these precious traditions of the past cherish always with greater focus so that the new generations may continue these values for further generations to listen and learn from them. \"Namaskhaara\".
Suvarnalatha , India: [ RE: Udupi: Honnavar-based Social Worker Patrick Furtado (48) from Baikady Passes away ] Reply to Suvarnalatha , India Jul 27, 2014
We lost a young leader
Alfred J. Rebello, India: [ RE: Drona, India ] Reply to Alfred J. Rebello, India Jul 27, 2014
What is you opinion on Saniya Mirza appointed asbrand ambassador of Telengana - Drona.

Drona my opinian is not needed because those who selected her knows well why. But BJP gave their opposition on the basis of her religion rather her marital status perhaps. She is an Indian by birth irrespective to whom she marries.

With regard to asking me whether Telengana is a state or country, you should go back to school. I am not a history teacher.
Alfred J. Rebello, Moldova: [ RE: Original R.Pai, USA ] Reply to Alfred J. Rebello, Moldova Jul 27, 2014
Going by your logic we can't even call Ghanghiji ,mahatma, either - Opai.

Opai, there is a difference. Gandhiji is called 'mahatma' after his death for his non-violence way of giving India freedom. Where as Modi yet to prove and is alive. Yes, if Modi proves to bring all Indians together and no descrimination among Indians by some sect of people and take the nation foward, I will also call him mahan. You calling him mahan now is prematured.

However, you spelling Man Mohan Singh as manmohana singha, is nothing but your hatred on him. Remember ManMohan Singh did not claim to be PM until he was selected by the party where as Modi claimed before the elections. In a true democracy nobody claims before the elections. Please note, it was perhaps media hype (paid news) Modi to win.
Lidwin Rodrigues, Mangaore, India: [ RE: Mangalore: 'My Only Intention To Make People Laugh' - Writer CGS Taccode on Receiving Konkani Kutam Award ] Reply to Lidwin Rodrigues, Mangaore, India Jul 27, 2014
Congrats CGS Taccode!Hats off to Konkani Kutam Bahrain for their unique programme. Thanks to Alphy D'Souza for his wonderful repoprt.
Alfred J. Rebello, India: [ RE: Drona, India ] Reply to Alfred J. Rebello, India Jul 27, 2014
Feeding chapatis to those who do not have it is humanity, and not culture. Respecting other human being irrespective which caste or creed is culture.
Original R.Pai, USA: [ RE: Woman Gets New Life! Sudanese Christian who Faced Death for Faith meets Pope ] Reply to Original R.Pai, USA Jul 27, 2014
"As in many Muslim nations, Muslim women in Sudan are prohibited from marrying non-Muslims, though Muslim men can marry outside their faith. By law, children must follow their father's religion. Sudan's penal code forbids Muslims from converting to other religions, a crime punishable by death" - Report.

Great!! Now we all know how peaceful and tolerant the Muslim nations are!! Is there any surprise why the minorities (christian, Jews and other native groups) have been totally wiped out from Morocco to Kashmir ? These 'peaceful' tribal groups demand more and more special treatment/ privileges in open societies of India, Europe and north America while they have absolutely no respect for minorities!!! One again, my special thanks to US, Russia, RSS, Sri Modi-ji, Israel, China and Indian military!! Without these great opposing forces, the world will be thrown back into thousand years of darkness by these tribal illiterates.
Austin Prabhu, USA: [ RE: Mangalore: An Exclusive Interview with 'Man of Humor' Konkani Writer-Cyril G Sequeira aka ' CGS Taccode' ] Reply to Austin Prabhu, USA Jul 27, 2014
A great Konkani writer and my dear friend CGS, Taccode is a very simple soul. He well deserves all the honour for his contribution to Konkani language; may God bless him!
Original R.Pai, USA: [ RE: Mangalore: Commotion Between University College Principal and ABVP Activist - Case Filed ] Reply to Original R.Pai, USA Jul 27, 2014
"is your sangh sponsored ABVP in 7th Century?" - asks some Aswath Pinto

Let's look at the 'crime' here!! ABVP leader had a heated argument with Principal. As per one of the lecturers, the ABVP guy used foul language. And, a FIR has been registered against the individual at the local police station.

Does this look like 7th century culture to your illiterate mind? There wasn't any violence. Nobody damaged public or private property. Nobody chopped off the hands of any lecturer. A simple argument over a silly thing is something that we can live with in a civilized society as long as there are no threats or violence.
Alfred J. Rebello, Denmark: [ RE: Drona, India ] Reply to Alfred J. Rebello, Denmark Jul 27, 2014
Your share of 1 rupee and 15 paisa already money ordered - Drona.

Drona, you mean to say BJP is working to get the money back?. Then It is good news to ex-chequer and bad news to politicians. Thank for my money order.
Sunny, USA: [ RE: Drona, India ] Reply to Sunny, USA Jul 27, 2014
What else is new? -Drona.

That is exactly my point. Everything is same old, same old. As they say more the things change, more they remain the same. It is the same kind of abstract philosophy you wrote and I quote here -\"high thinking and simple living\" continues. If thinking was so high, why has it not leveled the ground. Or to say, made a difference at the ground level by treating everyone as equal. We do not need high thinking, what we need is honest thinking. There in may lie cure to many ills plaguing the society.

Drona, India : [ RE: Mangalore: Bajrang Dal Activists Assault Muslim Youth Roaming with Hindu Girl ] Reply to Drona, India Jul 27, 2014
Arrest those boys and don\'t give them Ummar kaid.

I see you are very concerned about our culture.By the way, eating chappatis is also our culture.

But feeding chappatis? Is it Maharashtra culture? Just curious.

PS: What is your opinion on Sania Mirza being appointed as the ambassador of Telengana?

PPS: Is Telengana a state or a country?
Drona, India : [ RE: Sunny, USA ] Reply to Drona, India Jul 27, 2014
Do you appreciate goodness in others and look down upon others at the same time because of their caste system.


I wonder if I am replying Mr Sunny, one of the lecturers at SAC who taught English.

On a serious note though, each one has a contribution to make.No point trying to look down upon some one based on who is parents are.

I guess you are trying to stereo type some of the shop owners in USA.What else is new?
Anand Dsilva, UAE: [ RE: Manipal: Hindu Outfits Demand Stringent Action against Forced Conversion ] Reply to Anand Dsilva, UAE Jul 27, 2014
Essel: I guess priest is Selvaratnam from New Life Ministry. Do not exactly remember the place but it was some "---nagar" as I saw the board passing in a bus
Ronny Rodrigues, Qatar: [ RE: Mangalore: 'My Only Intention To Make People Laugh' - Writer CGS Taccode on Receiving Konkani Kutam Award ] Reply to Ronny Rodrigues, Qatar Jul 27, 2014
Congratulations CGS on being bestowed Konkan Kutam award, You deserve it. We wish you all the best.
JAYARAMA SHETTY, India : [ RE: Udupi: Retired Headmaster files Defamation Suit against School Management ] Reply to JAYARAMA SHETTY, India Jul 27, 2014
Mohandas Talwar, Mangalore, India: [ RE: Udupi: K J George needs to Resign from Home Minister's Post - MP Shobha Karandlaje ] Reply to Mohandas Talwar, Mangalore, India Jul 27, 2014
Shobha akka pls tell us how many people in BJP did resign when there was church attacks moral policing and various mining scams rape by ur own ministers did they resign ?
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