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Oct 01, 2014
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S.S.Kaup, USA: [ RE: About 31 lakh employees to take cleanliness pledge tomorrow ] Reply to S.S.Kaup, USA Oct 1, 2014
Whenever I visited India, I advocated to keep Indian roads & sidewalks clean, during my lectures at colleges I was invited to speak. I always start the discourse and conversation by bringing up this issue.Our economic and cultural progress will be reflected in the way we maintain our streets. This is what one sees when we visit economically advanced countries in Europe and other parts of the world.

I congratulate Prime Minister Mody's initiative. It is not an easy task. We should start early among youngsters by setting example like the one shown here.
Jemma, Bendur, India: [ RE: Mangalore: 'Nirmala Sisters Sold Me illegally-Help Me Find My Biological Parents' Pleads Maria Chaya ] Reply to Jemma, Bendur, India Oct 1, 2014
Dear Ms. Maria Chaya. If you think you were kidnapped there is a possibility that your parents May gave filed missing child report somewhere. If you lived in Hampankatta surroundings other children of your age today will certainly remember you.
The minister of Baptism may still be around, you may contact him. How many children were baptized by this minister around same time as you. Get a clue.
Selvam Raj may have filed the petition in Madurai for one Maria Chaya, you need to establish beyond doubt that it was for you and not another child with same name.
Any information on your father and you family,s religion when you were a child would be helpful.
God bless and wish you good.
Nelson Lewis, India: [ RE: B.N.Pai, Advocate,Kumbla., India ] Reply to Nelson Lewis, India Oct 1, 2014
Mr.B.N. Pai,

All political parties are bad and when they are in the tight spot, they do anything to cover their ...., including Congress. However, Congress is the worst. Congress has ruled India India the longest and when there were bunglings, scams, Chinese invasion of 1962 and so many other issues, high level enquiries were held to fool the people, but none were revealed to them. Everything is hush, hush. Public are nobody for them. However, this would not have been possible in the U.S.A.

Octavo Quattrochi, the middle man in Bofors scandal, if media reports are to be believed, was a regular guest at SG's place, whenever he was in Delhi. Ultimately, CBI closed the case and let him off scot free. On whose instructions> Why after spending so much money on legal expenses? On what basis are you saying that Congress and SG are spotless. For your kind information, amongst European countries, Italians are notorious for corruption and mafia originated from Italy and got exported to the U.S.A.

Sadly, the problem with you is that you are not ready to accept facts. You consider JN, IG, RG, SG, her son RG as Gods and not mortals and you are either of the unshaken belief that they cannot sin (or you know that they are sinners, but do not want to admit it). You are like a defeated wrestler, who after having fallen and lying flat on the back, says that is nose is up.

You defend the personalities you like tooth and nail and criticise others. Your friend defended J Jayalalitha by saying that she indulged in corruption during her earlier but later she won with a resounding margin. In short, he was trying to say that she did not indulge in corruption in her later term. This is a dumb explanation I have heard.

Why cannot you come out with a ramble defending J Jayalalithaa, her illegal accumulation of wealth beyond her known sources of income, her collection of sarees, lingeries, shoes, etc. We would like to know your argumentative, debating and legal skills.

Jai Ho M.N. Pai. Jeetey reho.
B.N.Pai, Advocate,Kumbla., India: [ RE: Raj, India ] Reply to B.N.Pai, Advocate,Kumbla., India Oct 1, 2014
Raj, India: [RE: New York: Terrorism in India 'exported', not home-grown: Modi]
Oct 1, 2014.

Dear Raj,

RE: "Modi should know about home-grown terrorism. He has "expert" Amit Shah working his magic in UP." - Raj, India.

Sir, it is not "home-grown", but "Homebrewed"! The religious frenzy is brewed and excessively administered to snatch power and beet the people flat. It takes some time for them to be sober again and realise their plight! Wait and watch!
B.N.Pai, Advocate,Kumbla., India: [ RE: Krishna, India ] Reply to B.N.Pai, Advocate,Kumbla., India Oct 1, 2014
Krishna, India: [ RE: Jeddah: 1.36 Lakh Indian Pilgrims Reach Saudi Arabia for Haj ] Oct 1, 2014.

Krishna, India says, "The total subsidy provided by the Government of India was US$ 1,815 per Muslim pilgrim in 2008....
Equivalent to Rs1481 crore per year since our independence."

The average subsidy given during the BJP-RSS rule is 50% more than the non-BJP periods of governance!

Who is indulging in the appeasement of Muslims?
B.N.Pai, Advocate,Kumbla., India : [ RE: Will Jayalalitha's jailing help BJP to grow in Tamil Nadu? ] Reply to B.N.Pai, Advocate,Kumbla., India Oct 1, 2014
Will Jayalalitha's jailing help BJP to grow in Tamil Nadu?

BJP & RSS, used Ram and then thrown the god's Ram Shila to the ditches of Ayodhya!But they did not throw the money along with the shila, hundreds of crores collected with Ram-Shila.

They used Jayalalita and now throwing her to the ditches and call her corrupt, as if they did not know it when they hugged her to win elections!
Vinayak, UAE: [ RE: Dubai: Indian Deported From Saudi After Acquittal in Murder Case ] Reply to Vinayak, UAE Oct 1, 2014
Poor guy went there to earn his bread and make a better living for is family. Seems like fate had already written his future. Feel so sad and sorry for this person, who spent most of the time behind bars for not committing the crime. 400 Lashes is not a small thing and since now he has been proved not guility, what would be the compensation.
preethi, India: Reply to preethi, India Oct 1, 2014
i want to know about this museum central government undertaking or state government undertaking....
Krishna, India: [ RE: Jeddah: 1.36 Lakh Indian Pilgrims Reach Saudi Arabia for Haj ] Reply to Krishna, India Oct 1, 2014
Since 2000, over 1.5 million Muslims have used the subsidy; since 2008, over 120,000 Indian Muslim every year make use of the subsidy. The Hajj subsidy includes an airfare subsidy as well as assistance to Muslim pilgrims for domestic travel to reach specially designed Haj departure airport terminals, meal, medical care and lodging assistance provided by the Government of India. The average airfare subsidy was about 73526 (US$1,200) per Muslim pilgrim in 2008; while the average non-airfare financial assistance was 2697 (US$44) per pilgrim.[4][5] The total subsidy provided by the Government of India was US$ 1,815 per Muslim pilgrim in 2008.
Total subsidy for this year 1.36 x US$1815 = Rs 148104.00.000

Equivalent to Rs1481 crore per year since our independence.
krishna, Saudi Arabia: [ RE: Will Jayalalitha's jailing help BJP to grow in Tamil Nadu? ] Reply to krishna, Saudi Arabia Oct 1, 2014

"The next election in the state will be between the AIADMK and the BJP:.

Good joke of this year because until now with below 2% vote favor for BJP in Tamil Nadu, how this party can be matched with other well established parties to fight for next assembly election challening DMK & ADMK and the pity to note here is still this party is hiring labour force to paste posters during party meet in most of the districts in TN

No doubt, this article has been written so blindly not knowing the minimum pulse of Tamil Nadu political condition.

Waseem Mohammed, India: [ RE: Udupi: Do not Politicise Tiger Reserve Project - MP Shobha Karandlaje ] Reply to Waseem Mohammed, India Oct 1, 2014
well Said Mr Pai. your concerns are genuine.
Praveen, India: [ RE: original r.pai, USA ] Reply to Praveen, India Oct 1, 2014
It's quite clear from your silly posts that you don't understand anything. Why are you wasting your time? LOL - Mr. Rampa

What? What did you just say ya Rampa? Honestly, I didn't understand anything of what you said and say. :)
B.N.Pai, Advocate,Kumbla., India: [ RE: Nelson Lewis, India ] Reply to B.N.Pai, Advocate,Kumbla., India Oct 1, 2014
Nelson Lewis, India: [ RE: Alfred J. Rebello, India ] Sep 30, 2014.

Dear Lewismaam,

RE: "There were scams over scams and your friend and, when anyone criticised UPA, Congress and MMS, then your friend and admirer, would come to their defence.” - Nelson Lewis, India.

Sir, whenever or wherever rapes took place in India the RSS projected as if that old man MMS is on a raping spree. But when BJP came to power and when rapes were reported, our finance minister and defence minister and NM’s conscience keeper Arun Jaitley warned that reporting that would tarnish Indias name and fame!

Whenever and wherever any scam occurred in India Rss was projected them as if SG did them.

All the scamsters are booked as and when there were prima facie case made out against them and the prosecution is pursuing legal action against them and not a single genuine accusation has gone unheeded by the Congress Government.Yet, you find fault with the Congress Government. Should Sonia Gandhi hanged them all without legal recourse? One Pedru from Tokru Gudde was saying so. But you too say so!No difference whatsoever!

When RSS did such gimmicks I should not defend? What is wrong with you, Sir. Sorry it is not your mistake. The wind that you break makes you say so. O.K.?

Sir, but an unsolicited advice. Do not break your foul winds from your mouth nor from your pen (COMPUTER). Do it from your bottom only. Otherwise, it is dangerous.

Keep it up Lewismaam.

Ashok, India: [ RE: New York: Terrorism in India 'exported', not home-grown: Modi ] Reply to Ashok, India Oct 1, 2014
Terrorism in In India "exported".Is It? Not home grown.
philo, Canada: [ RE: Mangalore: Senior Citizens Welfare Association Bendur Celebrates 1st Anniversary ] Reply to philo, Canada Oct 1, 2014
Nice to see the Association honoring Seniors for their service to the society. Here is a suggestion. There is no good Senior Housing or Senior Community Living facility exclusively for Senior Mangalorean Catholics. Can the Association look into building such facility in South Kanara?
FreeConTer, USA: [ RE: Medical malpractices: Is there light at the end of the tunnel? ] Reply to FreeConTer, USA Oct 1, 2014
Dr. Peter Gotzsche has been the most convincing critic of mammography, having published many study papers and a book.

The absolute correctness of the statements by Shukla and Ramakant, that "The conflict of interest between pharmaceutical companies/medical manufacturers, and public health is seldom made evident" and that "... medical practices are often not evidence-based" and "Gotzsche's statement that, "healthcare ... is one of the most corrupted sectors in society" is fully corroborated when you read Gotzsche's mammogram book, "Mammography Screening: Truth, Lies and Controversy," which, besides "The Mammogram Myth" by Rolf Hefti (more at ), are the only extensive works on the severe lack of science behind the pro-mammogram view and the all-pervasive conflict-of-interests and politics dominating the mammogram industry and the "scientific" research in favor of mammography.

Because the overwhelming majority of women (and men) only have "awareness" of the information (=medical propaganda) supporting mammography, very few know just what a deep racket this huge mammogram business is.
Joe D'Souza, India: [ RE: Udupi: Mane's Mane Raided! Lokayukta Cops Raid Home of DySP Dr Prabhudeva ] Reply to Joe D'Souza, India Oct 1, 2014
Mr. Sadananda Vernekar is very strict Officer. He helped me to get out of Corruption Grip of Mangalore Land Registration Officer few years back. Registration Officer was hell bound to get big chunk of money from Me by not issuing Papers for 90 days. I got it through Mr Vernekar in 45 minutes by paying NOTHING.
Soon Forum for Justice will open up and hope they will catch many more Corrupt including the elected ones.
Alwyn, Canada: [ RE: Mumbai: Kavita (57), Wife of 26/11 Hero Hemant Karkare, Dies of Brain Haemorrhage ] Reply to Alwyn, Canada Oct 1, 2014
RIP. Good people of India make us so proud when they even forgive terrorist with a good heart even though they lost loved one and this lady has done that. God bless her soul and rest in Peace. Amen.
Raj, India: Reply to Raj, India Oct 1, 2014
The India press acted as courtiers, sycophants, cheerleaders, publicists, propagandists and stenographers for Modi during his visit to the US. It was a performance that would make Goebbels proud.
Raj, India: [ RE: New York: Terrorism in India 'exported', not home-grown: Modi ] Reply to Raj, India Oct 1, 2014
Modi should know about homegrown terrorism. He has "expert" Amit Shah working his magic in UP.
Umesh Kotian, India: [ RE: Gujarat: BJP MP Gifts Rs 100 Crore to Widowed Daughter-in-law at Re-marriage! ] Reply to Umesh Kotian, India Oct 1, 2014
Corruption is only a drama in India. Except AAP everyone is corrupt.

This guy gave 100 crores, so one can imagine how much else is inside. How did he get a ticket to contest Lok Sabha elections from Gujarath from a honest non corrupt political party. Wait a minute Modiji is not corrupt :)
Umesh Kotian, India: [ RE: Mumbai: Kavita (57), Wife of 26/11 Hero Hemant Karkare, Dies of Brain Haemorrhage ] Reply to Umesh Kotian, India Oct 1, 2014
It is poigniant to note that this point that this brave lady Kavita, blamed Sangh Parivar for the killing of her husband, saying that the bullets that killed Hemant did not come from the terrorist.

Hemant was a honest and brave man who has fearlessly investigated that it was the Sangh Parivar apparatchiks who had planted bombs in the muslim mohalla to instigate communal riots. The case is still pending..

She refused to accept any gifts from Modi oops sorry Modiji.

Umesh Kotian, India: [ RE: New York: Terrorism in India 'exported', not home-grown: Modi ] Reply to Umesh Kotian, India Oct 1, 2014
When they are outside India sangh parivar folks talk of Gandhi, Budha to burnish their image, back in India they despise them and go back to Savrkar et al, One can see Modi doing the same here.

I guess one cannot fool the educated of the world with talk of Sacarkar etc.
original r.pai, USA: [ RE: Praveen, India ] Reply to original r.pai, USA Oct 1, 2014
"Honestly, I can't understand....." says Joker Praveena Pinto.

Dear friend,
It's quite clear from your silly posts that you don't understand anything. Why are you wasting your time? LOL
original r.pai, USA: [ RE: New York: Rajdeep Sardesai of Headlines Today heckled ] Reply to original r.pai, USA Oct 1, 2014
"..was heckled and roughed up.." - Report.

Heckled? Yes. Roughed up? can watch the video and decide yourself. Let me say this first – I fully support Rajdeep’s rights to be provocative and ask very uncomfortable questions. Modi shouldn’t get any special treatment simply because he is PM. At the same time, Modi-fans had all the rights to heckle him as it is a fundamental right secured in any open democratic society. When you watch the video, it is very clear that Rajdeep is the one who instigates by charging towards an unidentified individual, placing his hand and pushing him first. The scuffle lasts for less than 2 seconds. Clearly, in my opinion, Modi-fans didn’t cross the line and engage in any physical violence.
Nazim, India: [ RE: Udupi: Infant saved from imminent death ] Reply to Nazim, India Sep 30, 2014
Prof. A Raja is the best neurosurgeon in india.
Praveen, India: [ RE: Nelson Lewis, India ] Reply to Praveen, India Sep 30, 2014
Let scams take place and let NM sleep just like MMS and I will not be sitting on my bottoms and breaking the wind... - Mr. Nelson


"BOTTOMS" up or down when breaking wind? Just curious. :)
Praveen, India: [ RE: New York: Terrorism in India 'exported', not home-grown: Modi ] Reply to Praveen, India Sep 30, 2014
.. all terrorism in India is "exported" and are not "home-grown", asserting it has "no borders". - PM Modi

What about the numerous blasts carried out by the Saffron terror brigade? Did that come crawling all the way over the non-existent 'Rama Sethu' down south? Or, did they rappel down from the North from AfPak?

If I ask this to our Originaalige Pai, he most probably will blame Boko Haram or IS (NOT to say that these vermin are worthy of any humanity as they depict everything that stands to be despised and condemned).

I can't pose this to Mr. Drona as he has invited me for an "active" breakafast and I don't want the milk to curdle in my coffee.

Mr. Mango Man is busy as usual - counting how the many million USD he spent to buy JUST a loaf of bread in 2008 AND how, IF he were to have stayed put in India, he could have done MUCH MUCH better. (In 2008, a sausage sandwich was selling for a MERE 30 million Zimbabwe dollars, or about $1.25.)

As all know, our KS Bhat from Luanda (of ALL the places :)) has been missing for quite a while now.

So, who is left? Aaahh.. Mr. Nelson is always around. So, sir Nelson - could you please provide us with an answer, sir?
Thomas D'Mello, Kundapura, India: [ RE: Mangalore: Senior Citizens Welfare Association Bendur Celebrates 1st Anniversary ] Reply to Thomas D'Mello, Kundapura, India Sep 30, 2014
i am pleased to see you honoured in the function. I am also glad that your service to humanity is recognised by the people of Mangalore.

Good Luck and well done

deeya, India: [ RE: Mangalore: On Your Mark, Get Set, Skate.....? ] Reply to deeya, India Sep 30, 2014
even i am a student of mahesh what a great coach he is.
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