""Name:  Adriana D’Souza
Date of Birth:  21 March 2000
Father’s Name:  Ifan D’Souza
Mother’s Name:  Vanessa D’Souza
Native Place:  Bijai, Mangalore
Sister’s name: Nicole D’Souza
School: Glenbrook Elementery School, Chicago

Adriana Loves Reading, Singing, Drawing and dancing.

On Father?s Day, when I woke up, I realized that I didn’t do anything for my Dad and I wanted to make this special Father’s Day card for him.  I used markers, crayons and glitters to make this special card for my Dad.


I like butterflies a lot.  Sometimes I see the butterflies in our yard in summer.  One day I just wanted to draw the butterfly using my imagination.  I hope you will like my butterfly.