Caitlyn Jenner wants to look like Angelina Jolie

Los Angeles, July 31 (IANS) Reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner, who was known as Bruce Jenner before undergoing a gender transition, reportedly wants to look like actress Angelina Jolie.

Caitlyn is a hardcore fan of Jolie and is planning to go under the knife to look like the Hollywood star.

“She’s planning to get plastic surgery to try to look just like Jolie,” a source told Life & Style magazine, reports

The source added: “She wants to do it gradually, one feature at a time. As soon as she started dressing like a woman, people told her how much she resembles Jolie. That’s what she’s been striving for, so it was the biggest compliment she could be given. She thinks Angelina Jolie is the most beautiful woman in the world.”

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