Call for clean, corruption free Paralympic Committee

Kolkata, Aug 26 (IANS) In a bid to speed up the process of reconstituting the Paralympic Committee of India and have a clean and corruption free body, the Civilian Welfare Foundation (CWF), an organisation working for the rights of disabled people and para-athletes, has organised a walk on August 28, officials said on Wednesday.

A recent fiasco at the national para games in Ghaziabad where 800 para athletes were deprived of good food, lodging and disability accessibility services, has led to the suspension of the PCI. But since then for the last four months there have been no concerns over reforming the committee.

“We want to have a clean and corruption free central body so that the ill-treatment of the athletes is never repeated. We want the committee to comprise people who would look into the issue of para athletes in the country seriously,” said CWF member Suchandra Ganguly.

Shampa Sengupta, a disability and gender rights activist, echoed almost the same sentiments and said the right people should be placed in the committee so that they can help para sports develop in the country.

“Para athletes need escorts and coaches to travel with them while going abroad, But sometimes the coaches are sidelined as many bureaucrats take their place and go with the athletes. We want people in the committee who can run it corruption free and look after the well being of the athletes,” said Sengupta.

Funnyman and Radio Jockey Mir rued the lack of sponsors catering to the need of the para athletes in the country saying they turn their face away whenever they are told to sponsor a disabled athlete.

Former Bengal Ranji trophy captain Sambaran Banerjee said the sponsors only ask about the “mileage” they would be getting if they finance an athlete.

The walk, scheduled for Friday, will also deal with the issue of participation of women athletes in para sports. Till now no Indian female athlete has competed in the Paralympics games.

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