Catastrophe of hell (Arrow of hope)

Catastrophe of hell (Arrow of hope)

All ways lead to the heavens
I guess there is some way for me
but all paths are walked by the demons
tortuous always I got new enemies

A cold wind to blow down
all my life is waiting for and that day will be uncertain
On my journey towards heaven with smile destroying the frown
what I have seen baffled me and that’s so burden

Two old angels dealt with the devil
So unnatural and blasphemous
burning down the heaven, they tend to be evil
So catastrophic and disastrous

All that I hear hell from the hell,
Duality of hell is what I fear now where shall I dwell
I have no choice but to fight the bloodiest of battle
with bow and arrows I tried to hurt the devil a little

But one gentle broken arrow of hope is in the hell ride
striking down the different forms of demons inside
Unfortunately the spirit of evil has no way out to survive
and with no anyplace to hide he cursed on his own pride

In immense pain he teared upon the heaven and hell
and extinguished the burning heaven as well as hell
That turned a hell to a heaven and it’s out of flame
If any old sinful soul is remaining you just hail my name

Author Note:
Mohammed Mohsien from Mangalore, India
Find me on instagram: @mmohsien I have posted most of my poetry and art. I thank you all who have taken their time in reading my work.

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