CCB police seize 51 kg Ganja, one arrested

CCB police seize 51 kg Ganja, one arrested

Mangaluru: The CCB police seized 51 kilograms of Ganja and arrested one person on August 4. said police commissioner Chandra Sekhar in a Press meet held at his office.


The arrested has been identified as Moideen Nawaz (29), a native of  Uppala, Kasargod.




Addressing the mediapersons Chandra Sekhar said that Moideen was transporting 51.7 kg of Ganja from Vishakapattana in Andhra Pradesh to Kasargod and Mangaluru city by an Innova Car. Getting reliable information the CCB police seized the car along with the contraband ganja at Natikal, Konaje.


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The police arrested Moideen and seized 51.7 kg of Ganja and the Innova car with registration number KL 14 R 7339 which was being used for the crime. The total value of the Ganja is Rs 10.5 lakh, with the car all worth Rs 20.5 lakh. The accused was bringing Ganja from Vishakhapattana to sell it in DK and Kasargod districts. The accused has been handed over to the Konaje police for further investigation.


New MChandra Sekhar also said that Moideen was working in the Gulf and had lost his job. After coming back from the Gulf, he was unemployed.

When asked about the rumours of some persons from Kasargod joining the ISIS, Chandra Sekhar said that he did not have any credible information about it.

DCP Law and Order Shantharaju was also present.

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Under the able guidance of Police commissioner Chandra Sekhar and DCP L&O Shanthraju and DCP Crime Dr Sanjeev Patil, the operation was carried out by the CCB Inspector Suniel Nayak, PSI Shyam Sundar, Ram Poojary, Ganesh, Sheenappa, Chandrashekar, Chandrahasa, Yogish, Chandra, Prashanth Shetty, Shaju K Nair, Sunil Kumar, Rajendra Prasad, Damodar, Mani, Sudhir Shetty, Isaac, Abdul Jabbar, Ashith Vishal D’Souza and Tejakumar.

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  1. Another genius from Kasaragodu busy showing his talent!! What a disgrace!! I am all for legalization of these drugs. But I can’t help but notice overwhelming involvement of one community in illegal activities!! Go to Kasaragodu-kannuru area and see all those big, beautiful houses!! You think they are all hard working doctors, engineers and CEOs? Yes, right!! I am still waiting for one honest journalist to show some courage and address this topic. Oh well…

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