Cecilia Fernandes 90th Birthday

Congratulations Mom on your 90th Birthday


It’s your birthday, Mom
So we will raise a cheer.
Without you, our special, loving mom,
We would not be here.

Yes, we owe it all to you, Mom
From the time that we were small,
You encouraged us in everything,
And tried not to let us fall.

Throughout our life, your caring,
Brightened each and every minute.
You loved us and enriched our life,
And we are so glad to have you in it!

May every second, minute
hour, day and year of your life
be filled with the kind of
comfort, security, and happiness
you give unfailingly to us.

Without you, there would be
a gaping hole in our life, an emptiness
that only your love can fill.
Thank you, Mom, for all that you do,
for the extraordinary person you are.
Happy Birthday, Mom!

Wishes from your Children
Antony / Meena Fernandes & Fly
Mildred / Walter D’Souza & Fly
Donald / Irene & Fly
Ivy/Vincent Fernandes, Allen, Venissa and Arnold (Dubai)
& from grand children 

Click here for Birthday Photographs

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