Centenarian Kambala Enthusiast Devu Poojary (105) Dies

Centenarian Kambala Enthusiast Devu Poojary (105) Dies

Puttur: Devu Poojary (105) of Gertila in Aittur village near Kadaba in the taluk passed away at home on Wednesday evening.


In spite of the ripe age, he was hale and hearty because of his active schedule and disciplined food habits. Most part of his daily diet was beaten rice, white flesh of tender coconuts, honey and yoghurt.

He was a passionate Kambala enthusiast, besides being engaged in the traditional toddy-tapping profession for many years until last year. Incidentally, he never consumed alcohol.

He had won a number of Kambala races. Scenes of his taking part in the buffalo-races have been incorporated in some Kannada movies with Vishnuvardhan and Shivaraj Kumar in the lead.

He is said to have helped in financing over a thousand marriages in economically backward families. Those families have deeply mourned his death.

He is survived by three sons and three daughters. They include Parameshwar Poojary, retired superintendent of the department of backward classes welfare and panchayat member Kusuma.

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