Chaniya Kaltadka is Sullia TP Chief, Shubhada..

Chaniya Kaltadka Elected Sullia TP Chief, Shubhada Rai Deputy

Sullia: As the BJP had a majority in the taluk panchayat, victory for its candidates was a foregone conclusion. But the reservation system had to decide who the president was to be. The party arrived at the name of the candidate for vice president.


The president’s post was reserved for the scheduled castes and the VP’s was open to the general category. Chaniya Kaltadka, elected from Ajjavara, was the only candidate qualifying for the president’s post. There were a few contenders for the VP’s post.


The name of Shubhada S Rai was decided on by the party leaders. With only two nominations filed, Chaniya and Shubhada were declared elected by Puttur subdivisional assistant commissioner M K Pramila, who was the election officer.

Chaniya’s name was proposed by Radhakrishna Bolloor and Shubhada’s by Pushpa Medappa.

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