Check-up Camp for Thoracic (Lung Diseases) Surgery at A J Hospital

Checkup Camp for Thoracic (Lung Diseases) Surgery at A J Hospital

Mangaluru: Ever since its inception, A J Hospital & Research Centre has conducted many camps successfully and thousands of people have benefited from these camps. A CHECK-UP camp for Thoracic (Lung Diseases) Surgery is organized in A J Hospital & Research Centre, Outpatient Department on 11th & 12th September 2018 between 10.00 am and 3.00 pm.

Why Thoracic Surgery Camp?

World over, 70 to 80% of the lung disease patients would go undiagnosed or present at an advanced stage where the surgical option cannot be offered. People with lung disease come with a late presentation which usually goes undiagnosed at an early stage as symptoms are non-specific and the majority of them will be treated conservatively. To create awareness among the patients regarding lung related diseases and the importance of early diagnosis, which helps in treating the patient better with a good outcome.

Who Should Attend?

People – With a Chronic cough & Haemoptysis (blood-stained sputum); Requiring surgery – Post TB; Requiring surgery – associated lung diseases; With Lung cancers; With Mediastinal tumors; Interstitial lung diseases requiring surgery; and Chronic smokers

Dr Sambhram Shetty, MS, M Ch, Consultant Cardiothoracic & Vascular Surgeon will be available for consultation during the camp. Camp participants will be offered the following benefits:

Registration & Consultation FREE.

Following investigations at 50% discount-
· Chest X-Ray
· CT Chest
· Pulmonary Function Test

Surgeries including Video-Assisted Thoracoscopy (VATS) will be offered at a concessional rate.

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